Yesterday was a bad day.  Emotionally I was done.  Depression was hitting and I couldn’t snap myself out of the funk.  Yes, I am one of those people that battle with Mental Health.  I’ve been fighting depression, anxiety my whole life.  I was diagnosed with bi-polar type 2 in 2013 and PTSD in 2013 as well.  This hasn’t stopped me from a busy speaking schedule talking about Mental Wellness to teens, families, and educators.  I am still booked some 100 days a year.

On September 4th, 2015, I was awoken to excruciating pain.  Pain so bad that I was on my side laying next to my bed trying to decide what was wrong.  The pain was from my neck down the right side of my arm ending at my thumb.  I knew something wasn’t right.  Off to the ER I went in a hurry.

On October 8, 2015, I went in for Spinal Cord surgery where they shaved large fragments off the cartilage to allow my nerves room to function properly.  Where as before the bulging disks where protruding and affecting the nerves.  This pain was incredible.  They had to fuse C-4 and C-5 and C-6 and C-7.  It was a pretty extensive and serious surgery.  The doctor told me I’d be in a neck brace for three weeks and unable to drive.  I didn’t think I would be laid up that long.  Should always listen to the doctor instead of your own ego.

Here I am on October 20th letting yesterday be the day that I sulked in my own depressed state wondering if my career was lost, if my life was in shambles.  It all hit and it hit hard.  I slept on it last night and didn’t allow it to paralyze me.

This morning I got a message from a friend.  He asked how I was doing?  I told him and he replied in an email, “Keep the spirits up. The body does what the mind thinks. Your in my prayers.”  Maybe that is what I needed.

Prior to the incident on September 4th, 2015, I had been awakening every morning early to do my mind work.  I’d spend 5-10 minutes in silent reflection.  Silent reflection is just closing my eyes and praying, taking in the energy around me.  Then I would spend 15-20 minutes in meditation and breathing.  This would be me listening to a mediation CD and breathing in and out with a mantra of, “Breathe in Peace . . .  Breathe out Love.”  Then I would take about 15 minutes and read.  After that, I would look at my vision board and dream as I wrote my ‘to-do’ list of the day.  Then I would get up and make a juice for my breakfast and head to the gym for a workout.  My mind was right.  My body was listening.  I was feeling awesome.  Every day I did this.

Then the injury came and took me out of sync or out-of-purpose as I like to call it.  As I became a victim of the injury my mind followed.  Now it was everything that I couldn’t do and I became bored and sad.  I became depressed.

“The Body Does What The Mind Thinks.”

I needed those words this morning and when I got up, which wasn’t early because I know I need the rest, I got back into my routine.  I decided on this day that I was going to take over and start my mind work again.  I was going to own the day instead of letting the day own me.  Wouldn’t you believe that this day is the same day that I got the message, “The Body Does What The Mind Thinks”, incredible.

Today has been a fantastic day.  I wonder why?

Work on yourself first.  Get your head right.  The body will follow.

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  1. Hi Jeff, I am a middle school teacher at a small school in Florida. I play your videos (that I can find on you tube or on your website) to the students who have detentions, once a week. They are very attentive to your message! Do you have any teacher resources in print? I have them write personal reflections, but maybe you could develop something to help the teachers in our classrooms. By the way, my oldest son was in the USMC, deployed twice to Afghanistan, once to Iraq. Please keep up the good work! God Bless, Theresa

    1. Theresa,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am working on something for teachers and a school curriculumn. Semper Fi to your son.

      My apologies for not responding sooner. This came through as a comment on my website not an email address. I am seeing hundreds of people asking for information and I’ve never checked this. I am much better as a speaker for teens and adults than I am about websites and navigating myself through wordpress. How can I help you? I am running a special this month (June) – Book now for August or September and pay only $2500 all inclusive. Normally, my fees are $4500. Let me know how I can serve you and your teens. Please visit, email me or call me 800-948-9289. – Jeff

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