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For the past 15 years, my challenge is to find a speaker that can captivate the attention of college age students regarding mental illness and suicide.  Jeff Yalden surpassed any expectations sharing his story and experiences to over 100 students.  I watched these students listen intently as they absorbed the reality of these topics. Jeff’s passion for this topic is contagious and this was evident when a line of students formed following the presentation to receive bracelets that said “Take Time to Think”, and ask questions.  A true testament was when a student asked if he could have the bracelet Jeff was wearing.  Jeff’s delivery commanded respect and admiration from all who attended.  I highly recommend that Jeff be incorporated in any programs regarding the topic of mental illness and suicide. – Nicole Ovedia, LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist Director of Lynn University Counseling Center

“What’s in your toolbox?”

Whether it is a community college or a university – a freshman orientation keynote speaker or you’re looking for a mental health speaker for your campus, Jeff Yalden is the perfect speaker to engage and deliver. Jeff is hilarious and a straight forward college speaker that reaches to the depths of his audience.  Mental Health isn’t a popular subject to talk about – THE STIGMA!  Jeff makes it motivational and gives personal power to those needing answers to their struggles with stress and depression and gives HOPE to those needing it most. Jeff is real and isn’t afraid to tell his own story and therefore makes you feel very comfortable in your own struggles and journey.  That is one of the things that people appreciate about Jeff.  He is real and tells the audience his struggles and how he deals with it everyday. Jeff Yalden is your community college speaker and speaker for four year colleges and universities.  He understands and he connects, but he gives real life solutions for everyday life, hence the “What’s in your Toolbox?” title of his talk. Jeff touches hearts.  Jeff reaches to the core of today’s young adults.  You will be a HERO when you bring Jeff to work with your students. The perfect speaker for college freshman orientation and mental health events on campus.

Mental Health Keynote Lecture

College Mental Health Speaker

“What’s In Your Toolbox?”

Through 25 plus years of professional counseling one of the most impactful lessons Jeff has learned is to create a toolbox for everyday life.  Jeff explains the theory behind the toolbox and how it helps foster a life of success, balance, and abundance.
Key Points During Lecture:
  1. How to create your own Personal Toolbox
  2. Authentic Energy – Being your TRUE self and accepting who you are with fear of the stigma.
  3. Seeing situations that trigger emotions and learning to recognize before reacting.
  4. See how changing the focus, can change our perception of our life.
  5. Realistic Expectations and learning to live with an Objective so you don’t get Disappointed.
  6. Being Responsible for our own Emotions.
  7. Accepting people for who they are.
  8. Healthy School and Life balance – party, studies, relationships, etc.
  9. Celebrate Small Successes
Certified Speaking Professional CSP Youth SpeakerJeff received the highest designation “Certified Speaking Professional – CSP” from the National Speakers Association in 2002. This distinction has been earned by less than 7% of all professional speakers worldwide. teen speaker

From 2006 – 2011, Jeff Yalden was a MADE Coach on MTV MADE.  His show “The Comedian” was one of the longest running and most successful shows MADE has ever done.  He helped a young lady Alyssa find purpose and direction in her life and with only 5 weeks left before graduating, Jeff helped her finish her course work and graduate.  Jeff is proud to say that Alyssa is still a very close friend and Jeff is still very influential in her life.  She is now 26 years old, married with two children, and living in Idaho.

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