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Getting Comfortable being Uncomfortable

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The 6 Pillars of Greatness!

You might not be an early riser, but if you want your life to change and for you to take control and live your best life then this is an opportunity you can’t miss.  While Seminars and Workshops would normally charge $99.00 to $199.00 for this opportunity, you have an opportunity for just $29.99.

During this ONE hour workshop, Jeff will lead you on a mind-blowing journey of self-exploration and self-discovery.  This workshop will give you direction to make the necessary changes in your life – Personally and Professionally!

Je Jeff having an impactful 1 on 1 with a student.

You’ll find:

  • Improved Well-Being
  • More Energy
  • Improved Focus
  • Clear Direction
  • Eliminate Procrastination
  • Better Relationships
  • More Presence & Greater Clarity
  • More Patience – Less Anxiety & Stress
  • Better Health – Breathing & Relaxing
  • Better Sleep
  •  . . . Much More!

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