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TEDx Talk: The “WHY” Behind America’s Teen Suicide Epidemic

Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic

Jeff Yalden is a leading authority on teen mental health and teen suicide.  His TEDx Talk in March of 2018 talks about the “WHY” behind today’s teen suicide epidemic, but in 18 minutes how much can you really explain?  Jeff shares his message and quick theory on teen suicide and tells a story about relationships.  Teens need to know they have trusted adults in their lives and that it is as Jeff always says, “It’s OK to ask for HELP.”  These relationships teach teens about coping skills, problem solving skills, self esteem, communication, and is necessary in the growth of a person, especially in our youth.

Jeff talks about the surge of smartphones.  From 2012 – 2018 the smartphone has surged into the lives of nearly all of our youth and the impact has been so widespread that education, parents, corporate America and nearly everyone is feeling it’s effects.

Watch the video.  Read more about Jeff Yalden and his work with school communities every day.

Hundreds of school communities have invited Jeff to work with their teens, teachers, and parents about the mental health of our youth: Teen Suicide, Suicide Prevention, Hope being Restored, and so much more.  Nearly every day you’ll find Jeff somewhere in the country spending a day, two days, or three days working with school communities.

How can Jeff help your community?

You’ll find Jeff to be the easiest speaker you’ll ever work with and the students and staff love his energy and how much he cares.  Jeff comes in and is present the whole day usually 12-15 hours and eats on the run.  If you are afraid of acting and not knowing what to do, this is the best start.  Jeff will help you share a safe and inspirational message while he is on campus speaking to teens, groups, individuals, teachers, parents and community.  You’ll even find Jeff attending some of your sporting events or school club events.  He’s that invested and that present.

Call Jeff’s office today and let’s see how we can touch hearts and change lives in your community too.

The Next Decade . . . 

We will have a 31% increase in teen suicide and drug/alcohol related deaths.  This alarming and needs to be prevented.  Here is a 3 minute FREE mindfulness meditation for schools, communities, families, trusted adults, coaches, teachers, etc.  Let’s start bringing to our teens and youth the benefit of taking a few minutes a day (maybe a couple of times a day) and learning to let it go.  I use meditation first thing every morning to own my day and reduce anxiety and stress.  I don’t want the day to own me.  Enjoy. CLICK HERE

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