Jeff Yalden specializes mostly in teen mental health and teen suicide prevention. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t work with or speak to adults. He does. He loves talking mental health.

Living with Mental Illness

Jeff is proud to share he is diagnosed with mental illness. He proudly lives with major depression, bi-polar type 2, and PTSD. At 49 years old (2020), he says he is more aware of who he is than ever before. He’s having more fun in life than ever. He is a better speaker, more present, and more passionate about life; and he credits all this to getting to know himself through therapy, being on medication, being a yogi, and doing the work everyday. We thank you for visiting this page and hope to share with you the links appropriate for the reason you came to Jeff’s website:
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Teen Mental Health Speaker: Teen Mental Health Articles/Resources: Adult Mental Health Speaker for Conferences: College Mental Health on Campus Speaker: Jeff’s BOOM Motivational Book: The Best of Jeff Yalden Videos Please continue working in your communities because mental health needs to be addressed without people feeling ashamed or stigmatized. Educating yourself about it can make it understandable, treatable, and manageable.