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Have you ever wanted to become a suicide prevention instructor / trainer and get a certification? Now you can and it’s online and on demand. Perhaps you have, but didn’t know how or where to start?

I love working with teachers and counselors

Well, now you can and this course will teach you everything you need to get started and more.

Suicide Prevention Instructor / Trainer Online Course Certification is a Self-Study Program by renowned teen suicide prevention expert, Jeff Yalden is here, and now available for you to become a Suicide Prevention Instructor / Trainer. This course will teach you and give you what you need to get paid being a suicide prevention expert, including your own powerpoint slides and notes. More importantly, you’ll get a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions and answers asked from the audience.

SURO: Speak Up; Reach Out Suicide Prevention Instructor / Trainer Certification is now available online and on-demand.

Become a SURO: Speak Up; Reach Out Suicide Prevention Instructor/Trainer and get paid to teach suicide prevention, making a difference, and saving lives.

"I highly recommend that Jeff be incorporated in any programs regarding the topic of mental illness and suicide."

— Nicole Ovedia, LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist Director of Lynn University Counseling Center

Suicide Prevention Training Certification

Get certified to teach suicide prevention by Jeff Yalden.

He’s renowned for his work with school communities for his suicide prevention and crisis intervention programs all over the world. And now, he’s bringing nearly three decades of experience to his online course. Since 1992, Jeff Yalden has worked with school communities in 49 countries, 50 states, and every province in Canada. Finally, Jeff has created his suicide prevention instructor / trainer online course to give others the opportunity to teach and educate communities, schools, hospitals, the military, law enforcement, and more.

Suicide Prevention Instructor/Trainer Certification Course

Jeff Yalden on Teen Suicide
Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic
This course has been in the works for four years now and finally finished in September 2020. SURO: Speak Up; Reach Out Suicide Prevention Instructor/Trainer Course meets all guidelines set forth by the Department of Education offices in each state, and the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA].

What You’ll Learn in this Course

Learn suicide prevention techniques and best practices for teen mental health from renowned Teen Mental Health  & Teen Suicide Prevention expert and advocate, Jeff Yalden. In this course you will learn:
  • Suicide Myths & Facts
  • Theory on Teen Suicide
  • Two Questions every teen asks
  • Treatment for Teen Depression
  • Signs to look for in Teen Depression
  • Symptoms of Suicidal Thoughts
  • Warning Signs of Suicidal Behavior
  • Causes of Suicidal Thoughts
  • Psychiatric factors linked to suicidal ideation
  • Risk factors impacting suicidal ideation probability
  • Prevention of suicidal thoughts
  • Bullying & Cyberbullying
  • Drugs and Alcohol risk factors
  • Suicide Clues & Warning Signs
  • Indications of a Suicide Plan
  • 5 Questions to ask the Suicide Question
  • Direct & Indirect Clues
  • Behavioral & Situational Clues
  • How to listen
  • How to follow-up
  • and so much more . . .

Jeff Yalden Suicide Prevention

His Experience is Unprecedented


Jeff’s hard-hitting, proactive and proven approach to teen suicide prevention has made him a favorite for understanding WHY suicide is on the rise. Researchers are trying desperately to figure out why suicide is on the rise, however, after taking this course you’ll question why researchers can’t figure it what is so clearly obvious. And, it isn’t as easy as blaming social media and bullying.

Many communities reach out to Jeff after a completed suicide to bring hope and healing, as well as to work with other students after the fact. Because a suicide completion can trigger another suicide from a classmate. This is called a “Triggered Suicide” and you have a 13 day window where you need to really watch other students who might be at risk.

Jeff is deeply committed to suicide prevention and education, and wants to help others become an instructor / trainer and teach suicide prevention.

He is authentic and transparent in his approach – and always stresses the crucial role a teacher or school staff member plays in preventing a student suicide. Furthermore, Jeff will tell you why a teacher or coach, a trusted adult who the students has a relationship with is more qualified than sending the students off to third part professional help.

A “City in Crisis” . . . Suicide Contagion in Canada

The Canadian Mental Health Association called Woodstock, Ontario, a “city in crisis.”

This small city was experiencing a suicide contagion and needed help. That’s when they reached out to Jeff and within days, Jeff arrived Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and worked his magic. Since his visit in 2016, not one teen suicide has occurred.

9 Suicides in less than One Year

Including Four in Six Weeks


The night before this gentleman lost his 16 year old son to suicide

In February 2016, after a small Indiana community suffered nine suicides in less than a year, including four teens in six weeks, they turned to Jeff. 

Within days, Jeff was there to restore hope to the Tippicanoe Valley Community, which was lost and struggling in its search for meaning and understanding.

Since Jeff’s visit they haven’t had a teen suicide. Consider how amazing that is, but it takes a village and this community invested and continues to do the work.

2500 parents came out to hear Jeff speak, and there was not one suicide since Jeff’s visit.

Our community lost 9 people to suicide in less than a year, including 4 teens in 6 weeks. We reached out to Jeff Yalden and within days, Jeff was there to restore hope to a community lost in its search for meaning and understanding. Jeff Yalden’s legacy will live on for years in our community.


More Communities have Requested Jeff to help . . .

Meanwhile, another happy-go-lucky, beautiful Indiana county was being turned upside down.

Out of the blue, Warsaw and surrounding Kosciusko County had become an area filled with unexpected and unprovoked darkness, something had to be done. They needed something that would promote healthy thoughts from their young people.

Students there needed someone other than parents, teachers, counselors, administrators or friends to make a profound statement to them that is was going to be OK. 

Jeff came into Warsaw and Wawasee Schools, touching hearts and changing lives, and his visit is still remembered today. He is real talk. Real life and talking about real experiences.

I have had you come to three school corporations and you made a very positive impact in all three communities. 

– Don Harmon, Superintendent of Schools, IN (Formerly Principal Wawasee HS, IN)

Stark County, Ohio and the Perry High School Community suffered nine suicides – with six of these in a ten-day period.

Jeff came into town on his own dime after three teen suicides took place in just one day.

He spoke at a local church the night he arrived and 500 people bought tickets to come see him speak. And another 5,000 people were watching live on UStream.

Jeff spoke about unity and other topics like personal and parental responsibility, and the importance of asking for help.

18 Suicides in 18 Months . . .

Jeff Yalden Shakes Up a Community 33 Miles North of the Arctic Circle

In May of 2019, Jeff was asked to shake things up in Kotzebue, AK and that he did. This community came to their breaking point: 18 suicides in 18 months. They invited Jeff Yalden (BLOG) and Jeff shook things up.

Kotzebue, Alaska is 33 miles north of the Arctic Circle on Alaska’s western coast. With a population of just over 3000 people, the community has been rocked by 18 suicides in 18 months. During Jeff’s visit he certainly shook things up and showed them what they were dealing with and how they needed to make change.

18 Suicides in 18 Months they called Jeff Yalden

We need more people to share their stories and become a Suicide Prevention Instructor / Trainer

You’re Voice is Needed and You’re are Worthy Enough to Train

Over the years and around the world, Jeff has presented many teacher in-service programs on mental health, teen suicide and suicide prevention. This could be you too. You can make a difference, get paid, save lives, and have a full heart.

Many more communities have hired him to work with their counselors, social workers, therapists, and mental health professionals.

Imagine you speaking, training, and inspiring school communities, the military, first responders, teens, teachers, parents, and mental health organizations. Yes, YOU.

All states are making suicide prevention mandatory for their school personnel – and mental illness threatens to become the biggest public health crisis of our time.

Jeff’s course will prepare you and give you everything you need to get started today.

You have a voice and the ability to teach and educate on Suicide Prevention. This course will prepare you and give you the confidence to get paid making a difference in the world.

Nearly Three Decades of Experience

This course is based on everything Jeff has mastered in decades of service – his education, proven research, and countless hours spent at work in school communities nationwide.

Watch Jeff do a TEDx Talk on Teen Suicide. (Click Here)

Suicide Prevention Certification Training Contents

Too many suicide prevention training programs are outdated and their methods for suicide prevention training don’t apply to the rise in today’s suicide epidemic. While they’re still good programs and talking about suicide and mental health is most important, we are still years behind in effective suicide prevention training. Until now . . .

Jeff Yalden will teach you in SURO: Speak Up; Reach Out Suicide Prevention Training everything you need to know to effectively lead your own presentation (confidently) on suicide prevention.

More Content on Suicide Prevention than any other Course

Go Deeper and Learn Suicide Prevention from Inside the Minds of Teens

Jeff will tell you that today’s youth don’t care about research, statistics, or titles. They care about you knowing what they’re feeling, thinking, and experiencing growing up today. They care about you knowing the two questions that all youth ask today. You’ll learn those two questions and you’ll teach answering those two questions right away.

You will not just experience Suicide Prevention Training from a research perspective, but you’ll learn from Jeff who spends his life in the trenches of suicide prevention having experienced first hand hundreds of teens showing strong suicidal ideation and/or homicidal ideation.

You’ll learn from Jeff who has personally done a suicide assessment to over 250 teens, teachers, and parents, and even two administrators. Jeff has also worked with many school counselors and school psychologists who are no longer working because of mental illness and suicidal ideation themselves. You’ll learn the hard hitting questions that inspire the individual to get help and recognize they need help.

You’ll receive hours of online training. During the training you’ll learn more than any other course out there, including but not limited to:

  • Jeff’s Theory on Suicide
  • Jeff’s model for teaching suicide prevention
  • Indication of a Plan
  • Risk Factos
  • Signs of Suicidal Ideation
  • Suicide – Myth’s and Facts
  • Symptoms of Suicidal Thoughts
  • Tips on how to ASK the “Are you suicidal question?”
  • Triggered Suicide
  • Factors of suicidal ideation
  • Warning Signs & types of clues
  • Why Teen Suicide rates today are SKYROCKETING
  • Why third party professional care isn’t always the best option
  • How emergency room visits raise the rate of attempted suicides amongst young people
  • How to teach teens to help teens
  • Suicide Prevention most commonly asked questions
  • How to talk to parents about teen suicide prevention
  • How to give lectures and training to the military
  • Teaching what to do “After a suicide” in a school or community
  • How to make a suicide assessment
  • The mental health professionals that are unqualified to make suicide assessments
  • The importance of relationships in preventing a suicide
  • Suicide rates and the time of year
  • 5 Stages of Grief
  • Top 5 Mental Health Challenges Colleges and Universities are facing
  • Understanding survivors of suicide
  • Ways to intervene
  • Emotional thought patterns
  • Behavioral Activation
  • How to incorporate Mental Health in the Classroom
  • Breaking down situational thought patters
  • Five ways parents can help prevent teen depression

SURO: Study Course Checklist

Upon signing up for SURO: Speak Up; Reach Out Suicide Prevention Instructor/Training Certification you’ll receive:

  • Certified SURO: Speak Up; Reach Out Instructor/Training Self-Study Course (3 ring binder)
  • Three years access to the online presentation
  • Videos, PDF’s handouts, and Jeff’s Suicide Prevention Training Presentation
  • Access to the Slides
  • Book: Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind Today’s Suicide Epidemic
  • Essay Questions
  • Course Evaluation Form
  • Licensing Agreement for your records
  • SURO: Speak Up; Reach Out Instructor’s Manual
  • Goals and Objectives: Strategy for Suicide Prevention

” Fall of 2013 we’ve already had two suicides. This follows student suicides in 2012, a staff suicide in 2013, two accidental student deaths, and the death of another staff member. All this in two years. Following the suicide in 2012 (the boy’s father also took his life later that day), we gathered a group of individuals representative of the school and the community (law enforcement, mental health providers, local ministers, etc.) to determine what we could do as a school community to deal with our loss and prevent additional lives lost to suicide. During a recent meeting it was decided I should contact you about coming to our community to meet with our students, staff, and the community.”

Brett Boggs, Superintendent, Indiana

“I would like to say thank you Jeff. You saved me from committing something that would have hurt my family, friends, teachers, and myself. The Person Who Almost Wasn’t Anymore

“You may not have realized this, but you literally saved my life. The day you came to talk to my school was the day I had planned to end it all… the depression, the pain, and also – my life.” -High School Student, Stacy, NH

“You were the first speaker who didn’t put us to sleep, kept us on our toes, and actually made good enough points for us to take into consideration. You did not lecture us, but instead took your life and helped us realize what the consequences of our actions may be one day. Everyone took your message to heart.” -Student, Canada

“Last night I prayed, “God, help me,” before getting into bed. My plan was to leave the dorm after my roommate was asleep, but I drifted off. When I woke up this morning, I went to class figuring I could try again tonight, but instead I came to your talk and I met you. Your story gave me hope and encouragement. I’m going to reach out to the counseling office tonight. I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I think you were there for a reason and I’m glad you were.” – Your Friend for Life, Mike