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Jeff Yalden Changes Lives

He takes a tough topic – Mental Health and Suicide Prevention and makes it inspiring and motivational. Students and staff appreciate Jeff for his authenticity, transparency, and painful telling of his past. Jeff plants seeds, gives hope, and connects with everyone where they are.

Why should we bring Jeff to our School Community?

Peruse this page and see the need through the testimonials and messages from teens and adults and the impact Jeff has had on them and their communities. Then read through these links and see more of the value thatJeff Yalden brings to schools. He simply inspires, changes lives, increases school relationships, and teaches the most important lessons about life.

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High School Motivational Assemblies that are engaging, inspirational, and life changing.

“You may not have realized that when you came to talk with my school, you literally saved my life. The day you came to talk to my school, was the day I had planned to end all the depression, pain, and also-my life.”

– High School Student, Stacy, NH

“Jeff, I wish you could help us finish out the next four weeks. We need your help. Our kids and staff loved having you for the day.”

– Linda Garza, Principal, Woodsboro High School, Texas

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” Fall of 2013 we’ve already had two suicides. This follows student suicides in 2012, a staff suicide in 2013, two accidental student deaths, and the death of another staff member. All this in two years. Following the suicide in 2012 (the boy’s father also took his life later that day), we gathered a group of individuals representative of the school and the community (law enforcement, mental health providers, local ministers, etc.) to determine what we could do as a school community to deal with our loss and prevent additional lives lost to suicide. During a recent meeting it was decided I should contact you about coming to our community to meet with our students, staff, and the community.”

– Brett Boggs, Superintendent, Indiana

School Social Worker Endorses Jeff

“His presentations were engaging, interactive and real. It didn’t take long into these presentations that he gained the trust of not only the students but the faculty as well.”

– Laina Jackson, Clearfield-Jefferson Suicide Prevention Team, PA
There is always a risk having a youth motivational speaker or mental health speaker speak to your students. There is also a risk every time a teacher steps in front of their class. Jeff Yalden is a safe risk with nearly three decades speaking to youth about a topic that is a hard topic to talk about. Jeff is professional, sincere, compassionate, and transparent. His heart and soul is felt in the hearts of those that are in his presence when he talks.

“I would like to say thank you Jeff. You saved me from committing something that would have hurt my family, friends, teachers, and myself.

– The Person Who Almost Wasn’t Anymore

Jeff doesn’t leave pieces to be picked up after he leaves. His talks are fun, motivational, and educational. He’s interactive. He’s all this even when talking about the most difficult of topics. Jeff is a safe risk and the rewards are endless.

One Full Day 

(Most Popular) A Day You’ll Never Forget . . . Let It Happen! When Jeff visits your community, he is present all day and in some cases for multiple days. This is an opportunity to get direct and professional advice from teen mental health and teen suicide prevention expert, Jeff Yalden.
“He shared all kinds of information and tips with us and answered so many questions.  Intact, the teachers were so into it that the actually had to kick them out at 5pm when we where supposed to be done at 4:30pm.” -Tracy Andersen, School Nurse, GMG High School, Garwin, IA
Times are adjustable. Questions? Let’s visit and talk about what is best for your community.

Two Full Days 

Teen Mental Health Speaker inspired by Conversation with Teens
Because One Day is rarely enough! It’s a typical conversation at the end of Day 1. Many school administrators and counselors ask if Jeff can stick around another day. Consider a second day with more coaching, but this time mediating between the teen and the parents. Parents can sign up after the parent and community event to come and talk with Jeff. Let’s get the teens on the right track. After all, they listen to Jeff.

High School Assembly #2

Consider another school assembly, but this time it’s Jeff’s message . . . A Conversation with Teens – Understanding Today’s Youth.
“Jeff, you sure you can’t stay another day?” Alexis Foster, Principal, Mathews High School, VA
Now you are getting both of Jeff’s school assemblies.

Three Days

Teachers are a growing concern for mental illness
You want to see a change in climate and culture. Imagine what some of our school communities go through: Labeled “a city in crisis” and “a community experiencing a suicide contagion“, by the Canadian Mental Health Association, Woodstock (Ontario, Canada) called on Jeff.
One student killed in this horrific school bus accident coming home from an away game.
After Jeff’s five-day visit, the community grew more stable.

Suicide in the SCHOOL Bathroom

This small Texas community suffered a teen suicide in the school bathroom at 9:15 am. Can you imagine? They called Jeff and within a week, Jeff brought the school climate and morale back to normal. Jeff came and visited with the students, staff, and parents in a day they called, “a miracle.” Then Jeff stayed and cheered on the basketball team while hanging in the student body section. Online Course for School Staff

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“No one saw anything coming. He was always smiling and laughing. This has hit the students and staff hard and we are having trouble dealing with it.” – School Administrator

“Jeff, today one of my best friends shot and killed himself. Please help me.” – Student, PA

These students say it best . . .

Why Hire Jeff for a Full Day or a  Multiple Days?

“The morning of March 25th, I looked at my razor and I wanted to take it apart. I decided not to. I called my mom from the hotel and talked to her instead, and I asked her for help. On the morning of March 26, you spoke at our State Student Council Conference. Afterwards, I realized God was listening in on me asking my mom for help[, and God sent you. You might be the only about me right now, that’s reason enough not to do anything stupid. Thank you for saving my life.” – DK, Student, SD
Whether you are starting the conversation or having to deal with a situation that has rocked your community, Jeff works with you and tailors his talks to meet your needs.

Think about this . . .

A community experiences a suicide contagion. About five communities a year experience this tragic experience.  Imagine a school community losing fourteen students to suicide (including three in one day), and then a school shooting. Jeff came to the community on his own the night of the shooting as he was within an hour speaking in another community. 5,000 people watched Jeff speak on LIVESTREAM and over 500 community members and teens came to the church to hear Jeff talk.

This is who Jeff is and the students realize – JEFF CARES.

“Jeff, one of our freshman took his life today. He was a great kid, as all are. When can you be here?” – School Administrator

It’s OKAY to ask for Help . . . Don’t Ever Be Afraid of Being Judged  It’s okay to ask for help. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, stress, high expectations, loneliness, burdensome, or anything else that is making you think and feel differently, asking for help shouldn’t be something you are ashamed to do. That is the message Jeff brings.
“All I need is one person to tell me I’m okay, and everything will be alright. I don’t know sometimes I think everyone would be better off if I just didn’t exist anymore.” – Student
Mental health is vital to our students overall health and well-being. But for millions of American teens who live with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges, the road to recovery can be difficult to navigate.
“I’m thinking about suicide. How can I regain control of my life without losing myself or others in the process? Please help, Jeff!!!!” – Brittany
This dad lost his son to suicide the day before.
Do you feel like emotional and mental health problems are robbing your students of what could be some of the best years of their lives? Has mental stress left your students hopeless and desperate? Perhaps, you need the guiding support and inspiration of Jeff to help bring your students back to being students.

Teen Mental Health Training to your Staff & Students 

Teachers are a growing concern for mental illness
Jeff takes the time to attend school sporting events.

Changing the school climate and school culture is a lot easier than you think.

As many states are making suicide prevention training mandatory it’s still not enough. We have a responsibility to do more and to bring this issue of Mental Health to the forefront and Jeff helps you do just that.

First, Jeff comes in and speaks about Teen Mental Health in a positive manner. He tells his story, shares his experiences, and gives your students hope and resources.

Suicide Prevention and Teen Mental Health

“Recently you visited our sheltered village of Hershey. I wanted to thank you and also to tell you I needed you a few years ago. There was a time when I was the prime suspect for a planned school shooting. I had moved to this school in the 5th grade with quite the cocky attitude and continued to receive daily beating every day after, until, well, the start of high school. At some point in there I had a hit list. I’ve managed to pull myself together and I’m doing well, but I thought I needed to tell you, because in your constant travels you might think that the smaller, or richer schools are usually exempt from the sickening headlines that are now so common in today’s society. Also, keep it up because what you are doing is saving lives, and really, that’s the best job anyone could ever hope to have in this world of hate. Thanks again.” – A Simple Message of Thanks, JS, PA
< p class=”p3″>Jeff will train your school staff to be “Trusted Adults.” Not every teacher or staff members wants this responsibility, but those that want to be “Trusted Adults” will go through an extra hour of training and will receive a sticker and a poster for their classroom door entering the classroom and a poster for their classroom. 
Engage students and inspire them.

Before any of the Training, Jeff likes to do a school assembly for all staff and students. This builds the respect and trust and sets the tone for Jeff being on campus.

Understand, not all our students are dealing with mental illness. Therefore, Jeff carefully makes this clear and delivers a message, “About Life” rather than just a message about Mental Health.

Before moving forward with this day, Jeff and the school administration and counselors will make sure they’re on the same page with what the school needs, their theme, what needs further addressing, etc.

Teen Mental Health is a  Worldwide Crisis

Teen Mental Health Expert Talks About Why Our Youth Are Hurting

Why do Teens Self-Harm (Click Here) Teen Suicide Behaviors & Responding in Crisis (Click Here)

Here is some of what mental health youth motivational speaker talks about to teens, teachers, parents, and school counselors:

Why are teens hurting and considering self-harm.
  • Not being afraid to ask for help
  • Overwhelmed Feelings
  • Burdensome
  • Isolation
  • Self-Value
  • Attitude
  • Choices
  • Kindness
  • Bullying
  • Self-Care
  • Purpose
  • Happiness
  • Creating a Plan of Success
  • Self-Harm
  • and so much more . . .