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"Jeff, you sure you can't stay an extra day?"
Alexis Foster, Principal, Mathews High School, Virginia

"“I am finishing my 9th year as an administrator in this district and my 19th year as an educator within this district. By far the most impactful person we have brought in during my time. And during a time we needed it most. "
Dick Keeler, High School Principal, Central Valley Academy, NY

Two Full Days Changing the Climate and Culture on School Campus

Igniting Positive Change in School Communities by Connecting with Teens, School Administration, Counselors, Staff Personnel, Parents and Community Members



This is what Jeff does and rarely is one-day enough. By the request of school administrators and counselors we’ve added two days, three days, and more.

Day 1: Full Day (See Full Day)

The first day is a day that creates the relationship and trust where students and staff open up.  The two day, three day, and week long programs will capitalize on the first day and can be easily tailored to meet your school community needs.

Day 2: Customizable Based on Day 1

Day 1 was a success from 7:00 am to about 9:00 pm and Jeff works through lunch because he doesn’t waste time and doesn’t want to not reach the students who want to reach out to him.

Download Jeff’s Brochure (CLICK HERE)

Here is why Day 2 is Successful:

  1. Often times we don’t reach every student that signs up with Jeff
  2. The questions the students ask on index cards are deep and profound
  3. We can reach small groups, teams, and more staff
  4. Jeff Yalden is present before school, in the halls, and after school
  5. Jeff makes his appearances where he needs to be during this second day
  6. The climate and culture changes in the building
  7. Jeff can meet with student leaders and athletes separately
. . . and so much more.  This day can easily be adjusted based on the needs and wants of the school community.  Let’s talk about our experiences and what is best for you.
Teen Suicide Text to Jeff Yalden

Example of What Students Share with Jeff:

    • Suicidal Ideation & Homicidal Ideation – Including Plan and Lists
    • Unsafe Situations within the Home & Family Issues
    • Pregnancy
    • LGBTQ
    • Murder
    • Self-Harm
    • Guns, Knives, or other Weapons on Campus
    • Addiction: Pornography, Gaming, Alcohol, Drugs, and Social Media
    • Sexual Assault & Rape
    • Homeless
    • Rejection, Abandonment, Alone, Disappointment
    • Lack of Self-Esteem & Comparisons
    • Anger
. . . and so much more! Ranging from students wanting to just say, “Thank You!”, to the extreme of where the school has been placed on Lock-Down and the Police called. Students are asking for help and they feel comfortable opening up to Jeff.  Jeff saves them and gives them hope before something happens that can rock your school community. Working with your school counselors or mental health professionals often times more than what you know or what you didn’t know comes to light in a safe way where these students can get the help they are desperately seeking.  Again, remember, Jeff doesn’t leave any pieces to have to be picked up by the school community after he leaves.  It’s important that Jeff’s visit is about getting the conversations started and those seeking help now feel they have someone they can reach out to. Jeff NEVER leaves your community leaving pieces to have to be picked up. Know that Jeff is a professional and this is a great day of inspiration, hope, education, and awareness of the issues your students are having. 

Recently Jeff visited a community for two days and they asked him to speak to the elementary school students.  Jeff thought, “An elementary school assembly?”  He doesn’t do many of them because he’s scared.  It went well and here is the video of it.  Maybe he has a new career as an elementary school motivational speaker?