After 30 years speaking full-time in school communities, Jeff Yalden has transitioned to a full-time job with Here Tomorrow, a mental health collaborative in Neptune Beach, FL (Jacksonville).  As the director of education and community outreach, Jeff is tasked with changing the landscape in mental healthcare and those suffering in silence.  Jeff and his team at Here Tomorrow are creating a national model to interrupt the trend in mental healthcare so that mental healthcare is more acceptable and accessible for those needing and seeking help.

Therefore, Jeff is only doing a few live presentations in school communities per year.  Typically, one/two per month only.  He is saving these for school communities in desperate need of bringing mental health to their school community and improving school climate and culture.

Peer Support Training in Schools

Work with Jeff to teach and facilitate peer support leaders in your high school. Jeff is a nationally certified peer support professional and certified in the state of Florida as a peer support professional.

As the director of education and community outreach for Here Tomorrow, a mental health collaborative in Neptune Beach, FL Jeff also teaches peer support training and manages a team of peer support professionals that work with local law enforcement, emergency rooms, doctors offices, schools, and that handle the Suicide Prevention Hotline Rapid Response Team.

Peer Support Training in High Schools

Peer support leaders who are leaders in your school community are students individually selected and that care about the mental health, wellness, and climate of their fellow students and the community.

Through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment, peer support leaders help other students to become and stay engaged in the process of positive life decisions, mindset, and in reaching out for help when needed.  Peer support leaders are responsible for support, compassionate listening, respectful relationships, and helping to advocate for others.

Peer support leaders trained by Jeff can help extend the reach of professional mental health treatment beyond the clinical setting into the everyday environment of students seeking a successful, sustained recovery process of being mentally well.

Jeff focuses on the 5 Areas of Mental Health and Living in Recovery:

Renowned Mental Health Speaker for High Schools

Jeff wants to be a part of incorporating mental health into your school and teaching your students and staff.  Let Jeff help you to normalize the conversation and give your students and staff the permission to say, “It’s OK to not be OK.  But, it’s also OK to ask for help!”

Jeff can help you develop and implement a program of Peer Support Leaders that will sustain itself and make a difference in your school climate and culture.  More importantly, it’ll help your teachers and staff when we are all working together for the wellbeing of one another.

Peer Support Role

Peer support students engage in a wide range of activities and responsibilities. These include:

  • Advocating for other students
  • Sharing resources and building skills such as coping skills and problem solving skills
  • Building community and relationships
  • Leading support groups
  • Mentoring and setting goals

Utilizing Jeff for Long Lasting Impact and Value

Tired of the youth motivational speaker that comes in and does a great job, but then nothing changes?  Let’s work together to create long-lasting change that has sustainability and impact.  Now, Jeff is your Peer Support Professional teaching and bringing Peer Support Professional training to your student leaders to be Peer Support Leaders for their peers.

Jeff doesn’t want to come to your school community and be a one day sensation.  That’s why he took a full-time job with Here Tomorrow in Jacksonville, FL so that he can engage in the community everyday and make a difference.  It’s about being consistent and showing up everyday so people can trust in you and so that Jeff can be present in the community with his messages on mental health and suicide prevention.

Full Day or Two Full Days in your School Community

  • Early morning meeting with Administration and Counselors – Meet and Greet
  • Middle School/High School Assembly
  • Work with Counselors and Students – Individual or Groups
  • Meet with Student “Peer Supporters” – Establish a relationship and talk about their role and responsibilities for the remainder of the year
  • Teacher/Staff In-Service Presentation after School
  • Parents/Community Presentation

(This can be one day or amended for two days)

After Jeff’s visit to your School Community

The question has always been, Now what?  How do we continue the conversation and keep the message going?

Jeff wants to help your school set-up a Peer Support Program where students will be Peer Support Leaders who are trained to help other students who need someone to talk to.  These Peer Support Leaders will be identified by a turquoise bandana they will have on their person/backpack that represents they’re a “friend” and can be approached.

These selected students will go through a full-day training with Jeff to learn how to respond to a student in crisis, how to intervene when they notice red

 flags, and what to do for the students to be safe and in the hands of the right people.  All this following school procedures and policies. 

Monthly ZOOM Meetings with your Peer Support Leaders and Advisors

Jeff wants to engage every month with your Peer Support Leaders.  He wants to answer questions, continue the education and training and be fully present for your school community.

After the full-day of training, Jeff will continue to meet with the Peer Support Leaders once a month via Zoom.  Students selected must make a commitment to attend these meetings or be excused by the Peer Support Advisor and watch the video training that has been recorded.

All of this can be adjusted or changed to meet your individual needs.

For more information, questions, comments, or further discussion, please reach out today.