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Funny how people forget the cost when they realize the value given and the lives changed! – Jeff Yalden

Why Mindfulness Training?

Mental Health Mindfulness Training for School Communities

Healthy stress is a natural part of life, including childhood. Children and adults alike need to be challenged in order to grow and develop. However, in the modern education system, healthy stress is frequently displaced by toxic stress. Toxic stress occurs when life’s demands consistently outpace our ability to cope with those demands.

Mindfulness Training for Students

Toxic stress impairs attention, emotion and mood regulation, sleep, and learning readiness daily in American classrooms. Even more troubling, prolonged exposure to childhood toxic stress has lifelong impacts on mental and physical health.

Mindfulness Training for Educators

Toxic stress starts as decreased productivity and creativity, escalating to more serious symptoms like frequent anxiety, dissociation, frustration, and, eventually, burnout. Roughly half a million U.S. teachers leave the profession each year – a turnover rate of over 20 percent.

Mindfulness Training for Parents

Toxic stress can lead to a parenting style that looks more like a “to-do” list, rather than an empathic, present-centered relationship with a developing child. Exposure to parental stress in early childhood has been shown to impact gene expression even years later in adolescence.

The Difficulty of Working with Toxic Stress

Toxic stress is challenging to work with because our stress response taps into some very old survival hardware in our evolutionary biology.
When a 4th grader reports that she felt she “was going to die” from test anxiety, she’s telling the truth. The responses of her autonomic nervous system are the same whether she’s taking a math test or sensing actual physical danger.
Even children who have not suffered adverse childhood experiences may struggle with frequent “mismatches” between the severity of a stimulus (a routine pop quiz) and their response (loss of peripheral vision, sweating, nausea, terror and immobility). In children suffering from trauma, these “mismatches” become chronic and habitual.

The Solution: Mindfulness

Because the roots of toxic stress lie deep in the nervous system, we need tools that go beyond the conceptual mind to directly target that system. To transform our habitual responses, we need to regularly practice our skills when we are not in “fight – flight – freeze” mode.

The Development of Mindfulness

The development of mindfulness, a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, sensations and surrounding environment.

The Development of Heart-fulness

The intentional nurturing of positive mind states such as kindness and compassion.
These two trainings improve our ability to manage a number of significant psychological challenges associated with stress, including:
  • Overwhelm. The sense that life – and particularly your own thoughts and emotions – is “too much to handle.”
  • Busyness. The sense that “doing things” has become compulsive – that you are constantly avoiding simply being with yourself.
  • Rumination. The sense that the same stressful thought patterns “loop” over and over again in your mind without being questioned.
  • Dissociation. The sense that you maintain unhealthy psychological distance from life and from people, cut off from your own and other people’s emotions.
  • Narcissism. The sense that life is about defending, protecting and enhancing one’s sense of self. A lack of empathy for the needs of others and an inability to take compassionate action.

Not Just Coping. Thriving.

In discussing how mindfulness practice addresses stress and other problems in education, we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that mindfulness can take us beyond the terrain of managing symptoms to a place where we are developing the deepest capacities of the human mind.

6 Pillars of Greatness!

Would you believe that in as little as 3 minutes – twice a day, I can change the climate of your school and improve overall relationships between students to students, staff to staff, and students and staff?  Yes, I can and I will tell you that this will change everything and the difference you’ll notice is:
  • Improved Test Scores
  • Improved Student & Staff Morale
  • Improved Compassion & Relationships
  • Greater Sense of Clarity & Presence
  • The Benefits of Relaxing & Learning to Breathe – Only 3 Minutes twice a day
  • Less Stress, Anxiety, and Less Pressure of Life and Expectations
  • Less Disciplinary Referrals in Schools
  • Fewer Counseling Appointments & Emergencies related to Mental Health – SAVE LIVES
  • Improved FOCUS & Overall Health
  • Greater Personal Growth – Goals and Dreams with a Purpose of WHY

The Founding of Mastermind Mastery:

I lie in the hospital moments away from dying. In one year, everything needed to change – It Did!

– Jeff Yalden

This Mastermind Mastery Course will change the lives of your students and staff, promise!  It will improve morale, create a stance of compassion, joy, and love.  It will improve focus, clarity, and presence.  It will also improve student to student, staff to staff, and staff to student relationships.  You will notice the overall energy of the building will be different and teachers will rave about classroom behavior and rising test scores.  You will notice a decline in discipline referrals, counselor appointments, emotional breakdowns, stresses, and anxieties.  In as little as 3 minutes twice per day . . . Guaranteed!

We were concerned that day when Jeff came to the house and said, “I don’t want to die alone.” That evening at midnight his mother and I were deeply concerned, and that’s when I called 911. The next morning we realized how close he came to dying.”

– Bob Yalden

You are moments from something catastrophically happening to you. If you listen to me I will save your life. If you don’t, YOU WILL DIE!”

– Dr. David Herminghuysen, MD, Jeff’s Doctor
Diabetes Type 2! Triglycerides – 2784 (normal is 150-199), A1C – 17.1 (normal is under 6.9), High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol Depression, anxiety, bi-polar type 2, and PTSD – Jeff was faced with another battle.  Mental Health to now overall health and well-being.  A year later, Jeff’s whole life has significantly changed. Weight went from 349 at his highest to the first time in 15 years he’s about to break under 300 lbs.  His diabetes is on the cusp of disappearing.  His blood sugar is A1C is at 6.9.  Triglycerides are under 200.  What’s even more incredible is Jeff’s energy. For the past five years, every speaking engagement was proceeded by a 5-Hour Energy and every workout was proceeded by a Pre-Workout Supplement.  Now, Jeff hasn’t used 5-Hour Energy or any Pre-Workout Supplement in over a month. He’s more healthy than ever.  Emotionally stronger than ever.  Depression and anxieties are in total check.  A new morning routine – 7 days a week.  Jeff’s life has changed and now he’s developed a new program for schools!

NEW COURSE – Mental Health Mindfulness Mastery

Guaranteed to Improve: Morale, Present & Compassionate State of Mind, Clarity & Focus, Relationships, Well-Being, Energy,Test Scores, etc.

Guaranteed to Lower: Stress, Anxieties, Discipline Issues, Counseling Appointments, and Emotional Breakdowns

It’s Purpose: To change the climate of our schools and reduce overall stresses and anxieties with our teens and staff members, ultimately creating a safe environment that fosters relationships and personal growth.  I’ve designed this course as a result of last year’s conversations with administrators. They have all stated that much of their time is dealing with mental health and the social and emotional well being of teens they serve.  As a teen suicide specialist and my new book coming out soon, “Suicide – Don’t Be Left Asking Questions!”, I want to help lower stress and teen anxieties, improve school morale, and certainly bring greater energy into our buildings. All this will lower discipline and improve overall test scores and significantly improve the school and all the relationships within our buildings. Here is an excerpt of my program, a FREE 3-Minute Mindfulness breathing exercise.

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