What you need to know about Teens and Self-Harm!

“Jeff’s passion for this topic is contagious and this was evident when a line of students formed following the presentation to ask questions. A true testament was when a student asked if he could have the bracelet Jeff was wearing. Jeff’s delivery commanded respect and admiration. I highly recommend that Jeff be incorporated in any programs regarding the topic of mental illness and suicide.” — Nicole Ovedia, LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist Director of Lynn University Counseling Center

“He shared all kinds of information and tips with us and answered so many questions.  Intact, the teachers were so into it that the actually had to kick them out at 5:00 pm when we were supposed to be done at 4:30 m.” – Tracy Andersen, School Nurse, GMG High School, Garwin, IA

Teen Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention
Training School Staff & Student Leaders

Online Suicide Prevention Course for Teachers and School Community

Mental Health Staff and Teachers

Mental Health in our Schools and College Campuses: A Crisis!

Developed by Jeff Yalden this training is a Training Program for teachers, staff, and students. The experientially based training is designed to enhance knowledge, awareness, and skills concerning teen and youth suicide giving your teachers and staff the confidence and knowledge on how to deal with suicidal ideation behaviors and a crisis situation.

Teen Suicide Behaviors & Responding in Crisis: (Watch Video)

Why Teens Self-Harm: (Click Here)

“I am finishing my 9th year as an administrator in this district and my 19th year as an educator within this district. By far the most impactful person we have brought in during my time; and during a time we needed it most. Thank you.”- Dick Keeler, High School Principal, Central Valley Academy, NY

Specifically, this training aims to increase knowledge about suicide statistics, risk and protective factors, warning signs, and referral resources; to increase empathic listening skills, communication skills, and the ability to ask individuals if they are thinking about suicide; and to increase self-awareness concerning the potential emotional reactions teachers or peers may experience when interacting with students in crisis.

This Training by Jeff Yalden is highly interactive, with your staff participating in multiple exercises throughout the training to increase both their skills and awareness concerning the emotional intensity of responding to a student who may be showing strong suicidal ideation or even homicidal ideation.

“Our community lost 9 people to suicide in less than a year, including 4 teens in 6 weeks. We reached out to Jeff Yalden and within days, Jeff was there to restore hope to a community lost in its search for meaning and understanding. Jeff Yalden’s legacy will live on for years in our community.” – Brett Boggs, Superintendent, Tippicanoe-Valley School Corporation, Akron, IN

The two-and half hour training culminates with a role play, in which your staff is given the opportunity to practice the skills they are taught during the course of the training.

“The morning of March 25th, I looked at my razor and I wanted to take it apart. I decided not to. I called my mom from the hotel and talked to her instead, and I asked her for help. On the morning of March 26, you spoke at our State Student Council Conference. Afterwards, I realized God was listening in on me asking my mom for help[, and God sent you. You might be the only about me right now, that’s reason enough not to do anything stupid. Thank you for saving my life.” – DK, Student, SD

ONLINE COURSE: Teen Suicide Prevention


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Touch the Heart . . . The Mind will Follow! 

As a student himself, Jeff Yalden will tell you that he has retired some teachers. But, he can also tell you about his teachers that have made a profound impact on his life.  His message is both motivational and inspiring for your staff and so is his talk on teen mental health. He isn’t about being sad or depressing. Jeff wants teachers and all staff members to know how very important their impact is on the students that walk the halls and enter their classrooms. Jeff says, “We plant seeds. That is all.” This teacher in-service presentation for your staff engages them and inspires them to be present and engaged for their students throughout the year.  Jeff says, “When you touch the heart the mind will follow!”  Jeff knows, because he was one of those students that needed the inspiration from teachers and coaches that cared.

“I have had you come to three school corporations and you made a very positive impact in all three communities.   – Don Harmon, Superintendent of Schools, IN

Testimonials from Administrators and Testimonials (CLICK HERE)

Why Teens Self-Harm (Click Here)  *  Teen Suicide Behaviors & Responding in Crisis (Click Here)

A Journey of ‘Who We Are’,  ‘What We Do’, and the ‘Importance of our Influence Every Day’

Let’s Talk About WHY We Teach 

Watch Video of Jeff speaking in Cabot, AR

Talking Teen Mental Health in Schools with Jeff Yalden

Jeff understands that teachers periodically need to reframe, especially come March.

As a strong advocate for teachers and how hard they work, Jeff validates their presence, how hard they work, and the difference they make in the lives of their students every day, but it is easy to get burnt out. Jeff understands burn-out, especially after three decades traveling the country and speaking.

Teaching Mental Health to High School Students

Why is Jeff in the best shape and having more fun than ever? A few simple changes and self-care becoming the most important thing Jeff does everyday and his life has changed.

Teacher Professional Development Speaker

His message is a lot about his mental health and what he’s learned as a mental health speaker for 28 years – How to be present, How to be grateful, How to not get caught up in the second hand trauma, and most importantly, how to continue having fun day in and day out.

Jeff’s teacher and staff professional development presentations empowers educators to rediscover their calling and and renew their passion, conviction, and sense of mission – resulting in a motivation to refresh their unique teaching styles.

His talk will ignite a park of improved morale, school spirit, and culture – radiating outward from team members to students, parents, and the community at large.

Jeff, I wish you could help us finish out the next four weeks. We need your help. Our kids and staff loved having you for the day.” –  Linda Garza, Principal, Woodsboro High School, TX

Teen Suicide Prevention and Intervention Online Course for Teachers and School Personnel

Teacher Professional Development: Teen Suicide Prevention & Teen Mental Health

Suicide Prevention Training for Teachers and Staff Personnel is mandated in every state in the United States. 

Jeff’s on-demand course for teachers, staff, school counselors, parents, and community is also great for students and classroom discussion. If you are interested in this course for your school district (CLICK HERE).

On Demand Teen Suicide Prevention Course Jeff Yalden’s On-Demand Suicide Prevention Course for Teens, Parents, and School Personnel

Teen Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Schools

Jeff Yalden’s Teen Suicide Prevention Online Course for Teachers and Staff Personnel meets all the national and state guidelines set by National Registry of Evidence Based Practices & Policies and by State Department of Education Guidelines for their individual states for suicide prevention training. Jeff Yalden is a renowned teen mental health, teen suicide prevention, and teen suicide crisis intervention educational consultant.

Teaching Today: The Greatest Job in America

Jeff feels that being a teacher is the greatest job in America. Yet, we are losing teachers at record rates and it is scary, but Jeff understands. In 2017, Pennsylvania gave out 16,000 teacher certificates. In 2019, Pennsylvania gave out only 6,000. Teaching today is demanding and tough. The challenges of standardized tests and less and less classroom time puts stresses on teachers to complete their lessons plans. Jeff encourages your staff to remember “WHY”, they became teachers and inspires them to keep their eye on what is most important – Teaching Young People! This message can be tailored to meet your theme and objectives. Whether you book an hour, a half-day, or a full day, Jeff gives everything he has to teacher in-services. He educates the educators, empowering them to get – and give – the most in their important roles. Jeff Yalden recharges the batteries of educators and gives them a renewed conviction in their own calling. Jeff’s teacher in-service program allows teachers to laugh and have fun and stop thinking about homework and the broken families their kids are coming from. He has been known to single-handedly restore the morale of a school.

Teen Mental Health Speaker For Staff Development & Teen Suicide Prevention Trainer

Teen Mental Health School Speaker

Jeff is renowned for his work with teen mental health – teen suicide prevention and intervention, teen depression, teen suicide training, teen mental health, and helping school communities move forward after the death by suicide of one of their students.  If you are looking for a Teen Suicide Expert or Suicide Prevention Specialist that focuses on teens and mental health, look no further.  Let Jeff Yalden come and train your teachers and share his theory on today’s teen suicide epidemic.

Also, consider having Jeff train your staff – Suicide Prevention Training Online Courses for Teachers and Staff.

When a school community suffers a death by suicide of one of its teens, the school community knows that Jeff Yalden will answer prayers and make sense to parents about the speed of hurt for today’s teens.  Jeff also is candid and appeals to teens helping them understand that suicide is not a solution – ever!  Jeff relates to teens in a way mental health professionals can’t.  They understand Jeff and Jeff understands them because Jeff has been there.

Hospitalized twice – Age 16 and 21 with feelings of suicide and adjustment disorder, Jeff had to figure things out.  This is the age where Jeff and his message come from to where he is now.  A riveting story of life and a search for meaning.

Handouts and PowerPoint

If they’re complaining about a presenter reading off the very same handouts they had given to all staff in attendance, reading off a powerpoint presentation they could have just left with the school, or better yet, telling your teachers how to effectively manage their classroom, you need to think about a new presenter. Stop investing in a presenter the teachers don’t want to listen to. Are you ready for teacher in-service or staff development that is meaningful and benefits your school? You want a teacher in-service presentation that validates and inspires your school personnel to teach for the very reason they chose to become a teacher in the first place? You want them re-inspired. Re-energized. Re-engaged. You want them to understand the difference they make everyday. Then you need Jeff Yalden.  He’s engaging, interactive and fun.