Jeff is an amazing speaker and his message is powerful. I heard him for the first time in Atchison,KS after our community suffered from some very tragic losses. Jeff was amazing and helped with the healing process. My high school son heard Jeff speak and his comment to me was “that was powerful mom.” I brought Jeff to my district this past fall. Again, his message was powerful and he touched the lives of many. Jeff you are amazing!!!  Keep fighting the fight! –  Julie Crum, Principal

On Demand Suicide Prevention and Understanding Teen Mental Health. Only $9.99

Teen Suicide Prevention Online Course
In this course I am going to show you how why and what to do

Online Suicide Prevention Course $9.99

Renowned youth mental health and suicide prevention speaker has a theory about teen suicide
“You helped save my son after his brother chose to end his life. Then again you were there for me and him when my daughter took her life. Your an amazing man. You’ve touched so many lives this world needs you.”

Next Level: Suicide Prevention and Teen Suicide Prevention are very different. Teenagers or Youth today do not care about titles, research and statistics.

Teen Mental Health Online Course
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They don’t share.
They don’t ask for help.
They don’t want to be judged.  
There are two reasons why a young person is lead to self-harm.
There are two questions every young person asks. 
You as a significant adult have the tools and know-how to save a life or inspire a young person to work through their challenges in the “here and the now.” 
I’ll teach you and together we will save lives and inspire many.  Let’s do this.

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