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Bringing Yoga into Jeff’s School Visits

Instead of Yoga (Let’s be safe . . . ) Jeff calls it Mindfulness Movement Motivation!

Yogi Jeff Yalden
Jeff is a 200-Hour Yoga Certified and Insured Yoga Teacher. This 30-45 minute practice will take place before school with student leaders, sports captains, any staff that want to attend and anyone that is interested in personal performance and taking control of their mind, body, and heart. During this practice led by Jeff we will start in a very quiet place seated on the floor (students will bring a towel or yoga mat from home). Jeff will guide them through a Heart Opening Practice (stretching and breathing) of easy to follow postures. The end of the stretching and breathing will follow will three sequences of Sun Salutation A.

The Breathing Technique of Ujjayi Breath

A steady stream of breathing where you are contracting the muscles in the back of your throat for conscious breathing.

The Benefits of This Practice:

  • Learning how to breathe to warm the body and free itself of toxins
    Yogi Jeff Yalden
  • To learn present situation awareness
  • To learn to reframe the thoughts
  • To learn how to down regulate
  • To be aware of our observations
  • Discover creative solutions
  • Master the fluctuations of the mind
  • Take notice of our reactions
  • Reframe our thoughts
  • How breathing fuels movement
  • To work towards equanimity
  • Balance
  • Come from judgement to gratitude
  • To shed light on others
  • Taking a moment to take a moment and be still
  • Learn to be here now
  • Connect breath
  • Take a scan of what they’re bringing with them everyday
  • . . .  and more!
Following this practice, Jeff will guide them on a motivational talk about controlling their mental well-being and how they represent themselves is their influence on their peers. This practice/workshop is eye-opening and a great way to start the day. The 4 Soul Questions:
  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What is my souls work?
  • What am I grateful for?
A Morale and Ethical Way of Living:
  • Being non-violent in our thoughts and actions. Living with compassion, empathy, and love
  • To always speak the truth in our words and actions
  • Non-Stealing. Everything we receive we’ve earned
  • Moderation and self-control
  • Living non-attached
  • Purity and cleanliness
  • Being in a place of contentment and peace of mind
  • Self discipline and self-study.
  • Surrendering the ego