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Coming Soon!  A full course that covers the liability of schools, counselors, staff and provides a protocol in the event of a teen suicide.  Plus, a checklist and an online course for staff and students.

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Introducing BRACE: A Protocol for School Districts with Online Course for Students and Staff

Two 15 year olds stay around after school because they didn’t get a chance to speak to Jeff during the school hours.  Jeff is appreciative and honored these two young ladies waited to meet with him.  Gladly, they go into the conference room where Jeff had been meeting with students, parents, and teaching school social workers all day.

As the conversation is about to wrap up, one of the teens says, “Well, there is something else we need to tell you.”  Jeff replies, “What is that?”  One of the 15 years olds says, “We both have plans (suicide plans).”  Jeff replies with, “Are you thinking of hurting yourself now?  Do you want to die?”  She replies, “Yes!”

Immediately, Jeff changes his position and reengages with the two teens and asks if they would share more with him?  They decide to really open up.

A Teens Suicide Plan

She shared with Jeff, “I’m going to go home.  After dinner with the family I’m going to go upstairs to take a bath.  I always take a long bath or shower at night before bed.  I’m going to put on my favorite dress I wear for special events and do my make-up.  The water is going to be hot, but not too hot.  It’s going to be more than warm, but not hot.  I don’t want it to be cold because that won’t be comfortable.  I want it to be just right.  Between warm and hot.  I want to get in and it be just right.  Just perfect.  I’m going to light candles.  I love candles.  I want one for each year I’ve lived.  Then, I’m going to slit my wrist (pointing from elbow to her wrist), or, I’m going to overdose.”

A Suicide Plan, Talking to the Parents, Smiles and a Safety Plan within Three Hours

The first thing Jeff did was listen to the two 15-year-teens and thanked them for sharing their heart and opening up asking for help.  Jeff asked if anyone knew of their plans?  The one didn’t really have a plan, but said it would be hanging or overdosing, but the other 15-year-old had a very clear plan in place.  It was just a matter of time.

When Jeff asked if anyone knew she replied, “I’ve never told anyone.  You’re the first person I’ve shared this with.”

What Jeff had to do was talk to them both and explain why they were sharing this with him.  They’re asking for help and this is serious.  He brought in the school social worker and in front of her he reiterated exactly what the two 15-year-olds had shared with him.  Word for word.

What Jeff also did was share with the two 15-year-olds that he has a responsibility to let the school and their family do what they have to do, but that he’ll make a recommendation.

Immediately, Jeff said, “The first thing we need to do is contact your parents.”  They were afraid of that.”  When Jeff said he’d talk to their parents with them they felt a little more relived but still scared. He reassured them that in order to get help and recover it is important to put a support system around them where communication needs to be most important.

The parents came in.  Jeff spoke with the parents along with the social worker and everything was put out on the table.  The parents responded wonderfully well and within minutes everyone was on the same page.  One of the young ladies had to go to a doctor’s appointment, but Jeff asked the parents and the teen if they can come back to school after the doctor’s appointment and let’s have a plan of action after they visited the doctor.

In short, both teens and the parents left feeling open and honest about the next steps.  Jeff helped create a safety plan for the school, the parents, and the teen.  Everyone has a copy.  The school is going to continue to follow-up.  The parents are going to immediately make a therapy appointment and a doctors appointment and are going to be very active about communicating and supporting one another in the recovery process.

Jeff saved four lives in one day

The social worker said, “We saved four lives today!”  Ask Jeff what he thinks and he says, “Just another day!”  Jeff doesn’t like to look at it that he saved a life, but that he plants seeds.”

Teens don’t want to die.  Nobody really wants to die.  What people want is the pain they’re feeling to end and what Jeff does is bring purpose to their life by working together.