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Suicide Prevention Expert Jeff Yalden 

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He Changes Lives and Moves Communities Forward

Think about this . . .

  • One community losses 9 teens to suicide in less than one year, including 4 teens in 6 weeks.  Who did they turn to?  They reached out to Jeff Yalden and within days, Jeff was there to restore hope to a community lost in its search for meaning and understanding.  Two high schools and one big parent/community program where 1500 people came out, including six families that have lost a child.  This evening was incredible.  The following night, Jeff even stayed and joined the student cheering section for a home basketball game.
  • Another community, loses a high school student to suicide and that very evening, the father commits suicide.  Less than a month later, a middle school student and a father were killed in an automobile accident.  A month after, the School Treasurer committed suicide, within 35 minutes of being caught mishandling school funds.  When the dust starts to settle, there is a high school drug overdose.  Taking the life of another student.  September of 2015, an 8th grader takes his life.  Then in November 2015, just before Thanksgiving break, a high school student commits suicide.
What do these communities have in common?  They both hired Suicide Prevention Speaker – Jeff Yalden.  In two days, Jeff came and restored hope to a community searching for meaning and understanding.  Jeff shared his heart with the staff, students, and community members including parents.  He shared his theory on today’s teens and depression, anxiety, and expectations.  He talked about the pressures of today’s youth – being on 24/7 and always connected.  Jeff talked about cell phones and social media and when he does, he makes sense.  He is not a textbook guy.  He has been trained through QPR Gatekeeper Training, Peers to Peer Support, Helping Others Heal, and Mental Health First Aid, but his experiences go much further than his education and certifications.
“Last night I watched your presentation on RTC’s community cable television station.  They did an excellent job in putting it together.  I found myself listening every bit as closely as I did Tuesday night.  It’s one of those things where you can watch it multiple times and get something new from it each time.  The legacy of your visit will live on in this community for years to come.” – Mr. Brett Boggs, Superintendent, Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation, IN
“As a school counselor, I don’t think some comprehend the weight that many of our students carry on their shoulders every day. You brought some perspective to that weight that they carry. I loved seeing my students laugh. It’s been a long while since I have seen them laugh collectively; that was a genuine blessing.” – Stephanie Anglin, High School Counselor, Tippecanoe Valley School District, IN
Experience from the depths of despair to renewed sense of being and purpose.  Jeff works with parents, adults, and teens on mental health and depression everyday.  Everyday, Jeff is on the phone with a community, a parent, or a teen dealing with loss, thoughts of suicide, or family turmoil.  This is what he does and when he isn’t doing this, Jeff is speaking and mesmerizing some high school audience or middle school audience with his life’s experiences and wisdom.  This is what Jeff does.  It’s not just a job to him.  This is his life’s purpose and the meaning to his existence. The reality, sometimes it’s just another outside voice that can say things a little differently than you can.  It’s an outside voice with great experience that can open his heart and move the energy in a new direction, whereas, you might be chastised for being insensitive.  Jeff has a way with words and a presence that is impactful.  What would you rather have?  You’d rather have the person that connects and makes a difference, rather than the person that can share statistics and textbook definitions written well before today’s generation was so actively involved in social media technology. This is what Jeff does – Loving People To Life!  So, for your next Suicide Prevention Training, or to bring the students and staff members back to normalcy with school pride and morale, consider Jeff Yalden.  You will be glad you did!

Have Jeff speak to your Parents & Community

Jeff brings an awesome school assembly to your teens.  Middle School and High School Assemblies is where Jeff has been the past 23 years.  Parent programs were never something he really focused on until the past few years.  Teen Suicide and Depression has become more and more a part of Jeff’s work and Jeff has become more and more focused on the “Why’s” and “What can we do about it” of depression and suicide in our teens. So, if you are the buyer and decision maker and your considering Jeff as a Youth Motivational Speaker for your School Assembly, consider Jeff for a full day with teens, staff members, student leaders, and parents and community members.  Get the best experience and value for your money spent.

Example Day with Jeff:

  • School Assembly or (2) Assemblies

  • Student Leadership – Character & Integrity or Suicide Prevention w/ Teen Leaders
  • Suicide Prevention Training for Staff & Teachers
  • Parent & Community Presentation – “Always On, Never Connected: The Negative Impact of Technology on Today’s Youth.”

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