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"BOOM! works magic if you implement it into your everyday life. And (as Jeff will tell you) BOOM! is the perfect addition to your Miracle Mornings!"

Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning

One Word to Instantly Inspire Action, Deliver Rewards, and Positively Affect Your Life Every Day!

If you’re tired of not getting the most out of your life and feeling down, it is time to start implementing the BOOM! Boom stands for Be Of One Mind and is your reminder to align everything with your purpose. The BOOM! is a universal word for complimenting, agreeing, celebrating, and rewarding and helps you to feel motivated, think positively, and let the law of attraction work for you. This one word, BOOM – which is understood from sporting events to a family dinner – represents a compliment of success and makes for an explosion of fun while still being serious about change. It can be used for the most important of celebrations to a simple compliment of satisfaction, often recognized by a simple fist bump – the universal sign of excitement and satisfaction. By reading this book you will learn how to take control now and implement the BOOM! to make many positive changes in your life:
  • Let the Law of Attraction work for you
  • Be patient with the process of success
  • Turn your dreams into goals and plans
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Deal with mental illness
  • Take responsibility
  • Know you who are and who you aren’t
  • Be true to your self
  • Think more positively
  • And so much more
In this high-energy, short, and to the point book, Jeff Yalden, a professional motivational speaker, tells it like it is while sharing his own personal struggles. With just four letters – B.O.O.M- you can begin rewarding yourself for even the smallest of victories and find the motivation to get things done. If you’ve gotten off course, get back on, BOOM! If you’re struggling to find success, realize what you need to do and begin working hard, BOOM! If you keep making the same mistakes over again, learn the lesson and move forward, BOOM! No matter the situation BOOM! can work for you.


“This book is a helpful tool to guide your life and prepare you for a successful future.” Dr. Nido R. Qubein, President High Point University, High Point, NC
“Jeff is a welcomed gust of wind to a weary populace which has let itself become too complacent and dependent of government and society in general, instead of its own abilities to think, reason, and act.” C. Lee Kellems, Freelance Writer
“Jeff Yalden is one of the most authentic human beings I have ever had the privilege to meet. His wisdom and wellness is hard-earned, and he was able to share himself with my staff and students in a way that his impact continues to resonate within the culture of our high school. Jeff touches peoples’ hearts, gives them hope, and motivates them to be their best selves in spite of personal challenges. He has a gift for connecting with people and building trust with them, and his guidance has been invaluable. I will be forever grateful for the time he spent with my students.” Danielle L. Kuba, Assistant Principal
“Jeff Yalden has a unique gift for getting right to the point when analyzing problems. His book is an expression of that.The BOOM message is simple and clear: TAKE ACTION! People spend so much time talking about ideas, complaining about problems, and letting life just slip away. By implementing BOOM into your life, you will see positive results toward success and happiness immediately.” Mike Veny, Mental Health Speaker
“Encouraging, rousing, empowering, motivating, influencing…just some of the terms to describe Jeff Yalden and his message. Whether an adolescent or an adult this book will have meaning for you! I’m excited he is now adding another weapon, a novel, to his arsenal of motivational speeches.” Tom Terpanick, NJ State Police
“Jeff has the unique experience to reach everyone from honor roll to at-risk students, parents to community leaders.” E. Stewart, Superintendent of Schools
“I don’t know his cost, but whatever it is he is worth it!” Parent, PA
“Riveting from beginning to end. Jeff’s message is well received by both students and faculty alike.” Keith Marshall, Principal, Corydon Central High School, IN
“Captivating, dynamic, fantastic, motivating, and inspiring are some of the adjectives that come to mind when I reflect on Jeff Yalden.” T. Fragasse, Guidance Counselor
“I have never, ever seen an individual obtain the type of respect that Mr. Yalden received.” Kelly Bolen, Age 17
“Even when Jeff paused for one moment, one could hear the sound of silence as everyone was all ears to hear what was next.” T. Kessler, Teacher
“This is a book all teenagers need – probably grown-ups too!” Anniary, Age 18
“Very powerful! Wonderful stories! Very moving! I enjoyed it very much! This is the best book I’ve ever read.” Michelle, Age 16
“Jeff is beautiful! A soul created by God that is the change our world needs. He is a seed that will bloom a large garden. Simply Amazing!” Betty Brennan, KS

“BOOM! works magic if you implement it into your everyday life. And (as Jeff will tell you) BOOM! is the perfect addition to your Miracle Mornings!”

— Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning