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Are you concerned that your teenager lacks motivation, purpose, meaning and is going down the wrong path?  Are you concerned about your teen maybe having a mental health challenge?

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“With the support of Mr. Yalden we now have a plan to finish high school. We’ve made a doctor’s appointment that would not have happened without his support and each morning starts with taking the medications prescribed for my son. A few days ago he was reviewing a 28 Day Plan that Mr. Yalden coached him through.”Dad, TX

Jeff was the featured life coach on MTV’s Emmy Award Winning hit reality television show, MADE. His show was seen by over 75 million people.

Since 1992, Jeff has inspired millions of teens in school communities in 49 countries, 50 states and every Province in Canada.  Over 5 million teens, teachers, counselors and parents have been inspired by Jeff.

My name is Jeff Yalden.

I have worked with school communities: students, teachers, counselors, parents and guardians all over the world since 1992.

I specialize in working with teens.  Here’s the thing, growing up today is harder than ever and while many people talk about teen anxiety, teen depression, teens being overwhelmed and stressed, it’s more than that.  Teens are struggling with finding meaning in life.  They struggle articulating what they’re thinking and feeling and therefore, they don’t talk.  

If your teen doesn’t learn to speak it out, they will act it out through self-harm, or self-medicating.  We don’t want that and we need to intervene immediately.

Your teen wants to talk.  They don’t want you to fix what they’re thinking of feeling.  They want to be validated, supported and without judgement.  That is what I do and when we have built the relationship and they can trust me and know I care, it’s then that they listen to the words and tools that I give them.  I equip your teen with the mindset and skills for personal success and finding meaning in their lives.

Read on to find out how I can help your teen through 1-on-1 coaching and counseling.  

I am non-clinical in my approach and if I feel it’s a mental health issue that is more a mental health crisis than a mental health challenge, I will let you know what I recommend.  Usually, that isn’t the case.  Let’s talk.


If You're Concerned YOU Can't Connect with Your Teen and Something isn't RIGHT . . . We Should Talk.

Does your teen struggle with one of the following issues:

  • Education isn’t important to them
  • Negative attitude
  • Doesn’t communicate
  • Lacks organizational skills
  • Social anxiety or feelings of being alone, a disappointment, or a burden
  • Forgets things
  • Doesn’t try
  • Lacks purpose
  • Lacks responsibility
  • Poor self-esteem and lacks confidence
  • Addiction to social media, gaming, texting, videos and their devices
  • These are very common issues today amongst our teens 

    I know this because I work with teens, teachers, parents and counselors every day and have worked with thousands of schools on teen behavior and mental health.

    As a parent myself I know we want our children to make the most of their lives and their potential, but obstacles like I mentioned above get in the way and cause tension between the child and the parents, right?

    That’s why I am here and I can help.  Furthermore, I can help your teen understand where the parents are coming from and I can help you (parent) to understand why your teen is acting the way they’re acting out.

Teen Counseling and Coaching . . . You Don't Have to WAIT!

 When I work with counselors and social workers in school communities one thing I hear a lot is this:

“Jeff, they don’t talk to us!”

Well, they talk to me and often times they’ll tell me more than their counselors know and the counselors don’t understand how I was able to get them to talk.

It’s simple.  It’s also that they might know they’ll never see me again.  I’m not “The Teen Whisperer.”  I do know how to build the relationship where they see me as more than just another person trying to tell them what they should do, think, and/or feel.  I don’t do that.  I support them where they are and listen with non-judgment and respect. 

Your teen wants to be heard, not fixed.

So, with our time I help your teen find purpose and help them do what matters.  I help them to become successful and happy.

You’ll notice that I primarily work with teens and families, but I also do a lot with youth and adults.  Whether it’s mental health and even ADDICTION and RECOVERY, I have a nice clientele of teens, youth, families and adults.  Don’t hesitate to ask.  Click here if you want to schedule a FREE ZOOM meeting and discuss your thoughts.

** All Coaching Sessions are ONLINE using ZOOM **

The investment is subject to change.  I welcome a FREE introductory meeting.  Click HERE to schedule an online meeting.

First, I want to make sure your teen wants to invest and is interested in growing as a person.  I can help, but I can’t help if your teen isn’t willing to be open and honest.  We have to build the relationship.

Coaching Sessions:

  • 1 Year of Coaching: 
    • 26 Sessions $1950
  • 6 Months of Coaching: 
    • 13 Sessions $1105
  • 3 Months of Coaching:
    • 6 Sessions $750
  • 1 Month of Coaching:
    • 4 Sessions $560

Typically, sessions are every two weeks.  In the beginning we will go every week for the first two to three sessions and then we will spread it out depending on the time of year and your commitment to other things.  I like to work with the individual and their commitments.

You will have my cell phone and can reach me any time you want and we can always have a quick phone call or schedule a session at anytime.

Teen Life Coach and Why

A teen life coach is an experienced and trusted mentor, who can help a teen or family approach life more intelligently, to maintain focus and balance, and make measurable progress toward goals.

Think about a peak performance coach.  Consider Tiger Woods. Tiger didn’t master the sport overnight or on his own. He worked with an inspirational coach every step of the way, from high school to Stanford to the PGA.

He consulted with masters who helped him to achieve greatness. Tiger Woods still has a team of coaches he works with and coaches in all aspects of his life that help and inspire him.

“Will Jeff Be Able To Help My Teenager?”

One thing is for certain, if your teen gives Jeff a chance there is an excellent chance Jeff will help your teen as he’s helped thousands of others in less time.

It’s impossible to say that Jeff will fix your teen.  By the way, you don’t fix teens.  

You fix cats and dogs . . . not teens.

Jeff will connect and be a trusted source, mentor, and strong influence in your teens life.

Sometimes it’s trusting that your teen has someone else they can talk to and open up to.  That is what Jeff does and Jeff has great advice, compassion and knows how to talk and listen in ways people enjoy talking with him.

The Difference between Coaching/ Counseling and Therapy

Jeff is non-clinical in his approach with his clients.  Jeff likes to say, “I fill in the gap between a person needing someone to talk to and maybe them needing therapy, but most importantly, everyone can use someone to talk to because if you don’t speak it out, you’ll end up acting it out.”

So, the difference between working with Jeff and, say, psychological counseling is that together, you and Jeff build a partnership based on action.

You won’t stand on the cliff talking about what it’s like to fly; or dwelling on your past failure(s) –  You are not a victim!  … together you and Jeff with trust and respect will grab each other’s hand and take a soulful, bounding leap forward – and we are pleased to report, that he has yet to lose a client to the leaping.

* Disclaimer: If working with Jeff and he feels that mental health counseling and medication is needed, Jeff will support and encourage what is right, but will also stay to support the journey.  This conversation will be had with the parents and the teen or individual he’s working with.  More times than not, Jeff has encouraged third party professional care with his support and standing by your side.


Action-Based Collaboration, Jeff’s clients find themselves:

  • believing in themselves & trusting the process
  • doing more than they ever dreamed possible
  • taking their lives more seriously
  • radiating their own self-respect
  • enjoying momentum and follow-through
  • taking more effective, meaningful action
  • establishing balance and direction
  • more meaningful and purposeful self-care
  • less anxiety and stress
  • greater balance and having more boundaries
  • being self-disciplined and action oriented

Let’s Begin Today!

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