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Teen Life Coaching with Jeff Yalden

As a Teen Life Coach it’s Jeff’s passion to be a significant and trusted person of support and influence in a teen’s life.  It’s no doubt that COVID has done a job on our youth.  Growing up today is harder than it’s ever been, so is parenting.  Nonetheless, we still have a responsibility to adapt and overcome, but in today’s fast paced world you can’t do it alone.

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“With the support of Mr. Yalden we now have a plan to finish high school. We’ve made a doctor’s appointment that would not have happened without his support and each morning starts with taking the medications prescribed for my son. A few days ago he was reviewing a 28 Day Plan that Mr. Yalden coached him through.”Dad, TX

Teen Life Coach for Teens & Parents

Celebrity Teen & Family Life Coach Jeff Yalden

Jeff was the featured life coach on MTV’s Emmy Award Winning hit reality television show, MADE. His show was seen by over 75 million people.

Since this episode, Jeff has inspired millions of teens, teachers, and families all over the world as a teen motivational youth speaker.

** All Coaching Sessions are via ZOOM ONLINE **

    • Three Sessions – $330.00
    • Five Sessions – $475.00
    • 10 Sessions – $750.00

Teen Life Coach and Why

A teen life coach is an experienced and trusted mentor, who can help a teen or family approach life more intelligently, to maintain focus and balance, and make measurable progress toward goals.

Think about a peak performance coach.  Consider Tiger Woods. Tiger didn’t master the sport overnight or on his own. He worked with an inspirational coach every step of the way, from high school to Stanford to the PGA.

He consulted with masters who helped him to achieve greatness. Tiger Woods still has a team of coaches he works with and coaches in all aspects of his life that help and inspire him.

Your Teen & Family Life Coach

Let’s get serious and Jeff will change your life!

The Difference between Life Coach and Therapy

The difference between this and, say, psychological counseling is that together, you and Jeff build a partnership based on action.

You won’t stand on the cliff talking about what it’s like to fly; or dwelling on your past failure(s) –  You are not a victim!  … together you and Jeff with trust and respect will grab each other’s hand and take a soulful, bounding leap – and we are pleased to report, that he has yet to lose a client to the leaping.

* Disclaimer: If working with Jeff and he feels that mental health counseling and medication is needed Jeff will support and encourage what is right, but will also stay to support the journey.  More times than not, Jeff has encouraged third party professional care with his support and standing by your side.

Action-Based Collaboration, Jeff’s clients find themselves:

  • Believing in themselves & trusting the process
  • doing more than they ever dreamed possible
  • taking their lives more seriously
  • radiating their own self-respect
  • enjoying momentum and follow-through
  • taking more effective, meaningful action
  • establishing balance and direction
  • more meaningful and purposeful self-care
  • less anxiety and stress
  • greater balance and having more boundaries
  • being self-disciplined and action oriented

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Let’s Begin Today!

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