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Silence the Stigma: Be Proud of You!


Practicing Self-Care and How, Reducing Anxiety and Stress to Own your Day, Start a Speak Up ;  Reach Out Club in your School, Mental Hydration 101: Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Mental Health Speaker Jeff Yalden speaking at a Mental Health Conference in Texas

Hi! I am Jeff Yalden and I proudly live with mental illness.  I’m passionate about our youth, our communities, and our mental health professionals.  Mental health is my life and I am committed to helping people that live with mental illness live their best lives by being aware of their illness, accepting it, embracing it, and seeking help and practicing self-care every day.

My commitment for every talk:  To be real, engaged, and present and is to give exceptional value, practical advice and simple tools talking mental health to solve problems, inspire, validate, and give hope.

School Superintendent of schools, Donna Anderson writes a testimonial for Mental Health Speaker, Jeff Yalden

After seventeen years of being married to one of the most amazing women in the world, we went through a divorce.  After our divorce I started to look at myself and ask better questions.  It was here where I realized I had a lot to do with the good and the bad in my life.  Looking in the mirror one day, it all changed.  I asked, “What did I have to do with this?

I came to realize that my mental illness was greater than I ever respected it to be.  With that said, I went on a mission in 2013.  A mission of self-discovery, responsibility, and self-care.  A mission to look at my past, my present, and what I want for my future and how to go about it.  It certainly wasn’t easy, but today I am the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been.

The difference in my life has been therapy, medication, and daily self-care as a priority in my life.  Whether I am home in Myrtle Beach or traveling the world, I’ve learned how to take care of me first and make me the priority before anything.  It’s OK to ask for HELP is the biggest phrases I share with all audiences.  It’s OK to need help.  It’s OK to ask for it.  I am passionate about mental health

Standing Ovation from this adult crowd

and committed to making a difference.

I’ve learned to combine my life then and my life now with my nearly three decades working in education as a speaker to teens, teachers, parents and communities with being a man that lives with mental illness and how you can live a healthy life.  I’m diagnosed with major depression, bi-polar type 2, and PTSD.  With therapy, medication, and daily self-care, I’ve learned to manage my symptoms, understand the triggers, and live a healthy life.

Today, mental health is my mission and purpose and the reason I started my non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation, “The Jeff Yalden Foundation.”  I love working with teens as the hardest years of my life were from 15-24.  I love inspiring teachers and staff because they’re the most influential trusted adults to our youth.  I get excited to speak with parents and community because it takes a village and more importantly with technology and social media platforms, our parents need to be more invested and involved.

I’d be honored to talk to you about your next event and how I can be a valuable resource for you as well as an inspiration to your audience. Whether validating your staff and counselors or inspiring those like myself, I guarantee you I will be one of the best speakers and most “real” presenters you’ve ever had.

With so many years of experience, I can easily tailor my message to whatever theme you have in mind.

Let’s talk about your next event and how I can be a perfect fit with your audience.

IMPORTANT: My programs are completely tailored to the theme of your event and your objectives.  With 26 years as a professional speaker I am more than a 45 minute keynote presentationWhether it’s a mental health conference, college or university presentation, corporate wellness event, or a school community, I will work with you to deliver a message and be influential providing an exceptional experience.  Let’s talk and discuss your needs.

I know I’ll be one of the easiest speakers you’ve ever worked with.