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Suicide in School Community
Teen Mental Health Speaker Jeff Yalden
“The fall of 2013 we’ve already had two suicides. This follows a student suicide in 2012, a staff suicide in 2013, two accidental student deaths, and the death of another staff member. All this in two years.Following the suicide in 2012 (the boy’s father also took his life later that day), we gathered a group of individuals representative of the school and the community (law enforcement, mental health providers, local ministers, etc.) to determine what we could do as a school community to deal with our loss and prevent additional lives lost to suicide. During a recent meeting it was decided that I should contact you about coming to our community to meet with our students, staff, and the community.” – Superintendent, Indiana
Don’t let this be your child’s locker.

It takes a village to raise a child

If we are going to speak to teens about mental health and suicide prevention, Jeff feels strongly that we have a responsibility to speak to parents as well.  Let’s make it a full day event that
Parents lose their child to Suicide
Parents lose their child to suicide and they bring Mental Health Speaker Jeff Yalden to their community.
inspires, teaches, and brings awareness.  Let’s educate ourselves on teen mental health and teen suicide. You do not want to be the next parent that experiences the loss of your child. It’s important to get educated and understand our youth. It’s also important our parents and guardians, teachers, and coaches understand how our youth are thinking and what they are asking for. Teens don’t walk in the house after a long day and say, “Mom . . . Dad? I’ve had a long day. Can we talk?” No. They come home hide in their rooms wishing their parents would acknowledge them.  Learn how to best create the open lines of communication between parent/guardian and teen. Learn the two most important traits of a teen that leads them to self-harm and suicidal ideation.

Parents Come Out For Jeff’s Talk

2500 parents showed up this evening to hear Teen Mental Health Speaker, Jeff Yalden
Hundreds of parents fill out the auditorium and gymnasium when they hear Jeff Yalden is coming to town.  He mesmerizes student audiences with his real talk and parents
Renowned youth mental health and suicide prevention speaker has a theory about teen suicide
love him for his confirmation of parenting and relationships with their children.

Teens Don’t Care About Statistics And Research

Jeff Yalden is an expert on Teens and Mental Health.  He speaks to teens so they understand.  Parents admire his straight talk and experience with today’s teens.  He’s never been afraid to tell his personal story and share about the teens and communities he’s worked with. He’s been in the trenches of communities hardest hit by teen suicide.
On a cold winter night 2500 parents came to hear teen mental health motivational speaker Jeff Yalden.
Communities call upon Jeff every week.  A teen suicide and questions need to be answered.  A car wreck and a popular student is killed and the community wants encouragement.
Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic
This is what Jeff does and shares his message, “It will be OK . . . We will get through this!”  Jeff’s warm and loving heart moves people to trust in Jeff and allows Jeff’s heart to reach theirs. Jeff Yalden saves lives and helps you to save lives too. THERE IS NO PRICE TAG ON THAT! During Jeff’s parent and community night you’ll have a chance to ask questions. This is your opportunity to get direct advice from a teen suicide prevention expert to help you and your community.
Jeff is often called to address the questions that parents have.  “Why? What is going on with today’s teens?”  After Jeff speaks, it’s the same parents and community that say’s, “How can you put a price tag on saving a life?
Parents ask, “What programs are you doing for us?”  Administrators and teachers say, “When we do something nobody shows up!”  Jeff is coming . . . Let’s Do It!
Mental Health Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden addresses Parents and Families about youth.
You can’t not have Jeff Yalden speak to your parents when he comes to your community for school assemblies.  Jeff is a speaker that is memorable and shares a message that parents need to hear as well as your teenagers. Call Jeff today to discuss this awesome evening.  You will be glad you did and your parents will thank you!
Jeff Yalden is the most sought after educational consultant for his work with teens and teen mental health. He’s highly regarded as the most influential person to improve relationships between staff and students and to build school culture. Bringing Jeff to your school community is an experience like no other. His talks will enlighten you and teach you more than you can imagine. He’s fun, funny, serious, and compassionate. His heart is big and he truly cares about his work. His latest, “A Guide for Parents Understanding Teens and Teens Understanding Themselves”, is a must read. (Click Here

A Community in Mourning . . . Who Do They Turn To?

When a teen suicide happens a community is rocked to the core.
The principal’s niece. Schools most popular student. Only 34 students in the high school. Here Jeff is helping the junior class empty her locker. An action that helped give them closure.
Let’s not be ‘That community in mourning . . .’  Teen Depression and Teen Suicide is prevalent today.  How does Jeff know?  Because day after day the phone rings about another
Teachers and Staff Professional Development with Jeff Yalden
teen having taken their life.  Phone calls from school principals, superintendents, community members, and parents asking Jeff to come and help. Community and Parent Programs are Important. Bring in the right speaker for your teens and your parents will come. Jeff Yalden does a lot of teen programs and parent / community programs.  The impact is memorable and you and your parents will be glad you made this choice.

The Man Deals with Youth Suicide Everyday in School Communities All Over The World!

Imagine Losing 9 Teens in One Year, including 4 in Six Weeks! Imagine 18 teen suicides in 18 months!

Teen Mental Health Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden shares his heart with parents and teens.
This isn’t about death and dying.  This message is about teens and their addiction to social media and cell phones.  The message talks about the types of depression and what parents need to be aware of.  It’s a message that is positive and intended to encourage and support.  Jeff talks about the signs of depression and the signs of suicide and what you can do about it. Mothers and fathers, school board members, and local community members have gotten wind of Jeff’s reputation. Students can’t always recite his stories word-for-word, but they do convey their excitement for his humor. They talk about “Just Jeff” time and set off a chain reaction among the elders. More important, Jeff opens up a dialogue between the youth and their parents in a safe and creative way. All the parents know is that something special happened at school. Parents, in turn, have driven more than 300 miles to hear this Jeff Yalden in person, inviting grandparents and relatives to boot. Jeff, forever accommodating, reaches the whole family with his inspirational stories, causing them to laugh, reflect, and have something truly worthwhile to discuss at the dinner table.

Jeff Teaches Parents:

  • How to connect with your teens
  • Listen to your teen
  • Inspire your teen
  • Motivate your teen
  • Get your teen to open up
  • What they're doing on Social Media
  • Why they won't open up to you
  • The two words to describe parents
  • The two questions every teen asks
  • Teens and sexting
  • Two reasons why teens want to take their lives
  • Theory on teen suicide

Jeff is a dynamic, determined and compassionate soul committed to the service of others. His soul’s work is one that many could never do and others may not acknowledge as necessary. None the less, his commitment to helping teens deal with issues that are real, having conversations that are difficult and life saving is only surpassed by his humility and heart. Thank you Jeff for doing your soul’s work. Lives have been saved because if you and the world is a better place with you in it. – Maribeth McKenzie, Owner Inlet Yoga

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