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“He touched on good points but he also had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants.” – L.R., 8th Grade

School Social Worker Endorses Jeff’s Visit:

Middle School Motivational Speaker, Jeff Yalden inspires middle school students in middle school assemblies. You’ll hear a pin drop and your students will appreciate a message delivered confidently into the hearts of young people leaving them in awe.

Listen to Mr. Danny Holbrook, School Social Worker endorse Jeff after Danny brought Jeff into his community to speak to middle school and high school students. As a matter of fact, Danny and Upper Scioto Valley Schools have commissioned Jeff to come back in winter of 2020 again. Watch the video. (CLICK HERE). 

Watch more Middle School Assemblies and Messages from Jeff Yalden to Middle School Students (Click Here)

“No one saw anything coming. He was always smiling and laughing. This has hit the students and staff hard and we are having trouble dealing with it.” – Middle School Administrator

Middle School Motivational Assemblies & Middle School Teen Mental Health Awareness School Assemblies

Middle School Mental Health Speaker Middle School Mental Health Motivational Speaker Engages Students in Washington State

YES! Jeff still speaks to middle school assemblies and still loves it. Let’s talk. What is your theme? Jeff is the perfect speaker who can tailor his message to the age and appropriateness of his audiences.

Middle School Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden The perfect speaker for Middle School Assemblies.

Did you know that over 170,000 kids skip school on a regular basis for fear of being made fun of.  Let’s do something today!  Middle School is a critical age for our young students becoming young men and women.  Jeff Yalden is their favorite speaker and they WILL remember him forever!

Jeff Yalden is the Teen Suicide Prevention and Teen Mental Health Speaker you need for your middle school motivational assemblies. Nobody in America works with more school communities doing teen mental health and teen suicide prevention more than Jeff Yalden.

We know that every year 157,000 teens are brought to the emergency room after a failed teen suicide attempt. Of those 157,000 we know 30% of these teens will attempt suicide again. Recently, Jeff asked a 7th grader who had attempted suicide why she didn’t ask for help and she replied, “Nobody asked me.” We have to start reaching our teens and talking about Teen Suicide Prevention and the role their friends have in helping their friends in crisis.

“About Life” School Assembly Program for Middle School Students (Age Appropriate – Fun. Interactive. Engaging.)

Middle School is such an important time for our youth. This is a time where choices made now may affect ones’ life in later years. Jeff’s most popular school assembly program: “About Life” message is tailored for Middle School Assemblies and young audiences.

“I’m a cheerleader at _____________ middle school. I’m school body president, and the one that is always at parties or having fun, but yet still achieving good grades. But, nobody knows me. I have a million friends, but are they really friends? They don’t know I am collapsing because I am such a wreck. When you spoke to the crowd I felt as if you were talking straight to me. You encourage me to want to love myself for who I am. That night after your visit I spent the night with my friend and I told her everything that I have thought about ir did to myself. You inspired me to take off the “mask” and show people who I really am so they can love me even more. You also made me realize that I am not the only one out there, there are other people that are struggling just like me or even more. You gave me the strength I needed, so that you so much!” – Amanda P. 8th Grade Student Body President, SC

This motivational middle school assembly will take your students on a journey of self-discovery. Students will hear Jeff talk about character, making right choices, responsibility, integrity, respect, hard work and passion, to name a few. Most importantly, Jeff will share what he feels to be the most important things we should do every day:

  • Laugh
  • Take Time To Think
  • Feel . . . Gratitude

A school shooting plan in 5th grade.

Middle School Motivational Speaker, Jeff Yalden, will deliver to your middle school assemblies a message unlike anything they have experienced. They will walk away realizing the importance of family and people in their lives. Jeff will encourage them to think about their choices, their work ethic, their character, and most important how they feel about themselves.

During this 60-90 minute middle school motivational assembly, Jeff Yalden will make clear his mantra “TAKE TIME TO THINK”. This talk will highlight the lessons learned from a father-daughter relationship and the lessons we learn from them. Jeff talks on their level, in their language, speaking and sharing stories that are personal that students relate to.

Jeff’s Programs are unforgettable! Your students and staff will be buzzing with excitement! Jeff’s message lingers on long after his program has ended. He relates his stories as being a parent, a teacher, and a coach.

Now, you can have Jeff speak to your middle school student leaders on a personal level. Jeff will talk to them in a very interactive session about their character and their role as leaders. Listen carefully as Jeff tells you two stories about integrity that have defined his life. This session alone is worth the Jeff Yalden visit.

Middle School Motivational Speaker

Your students will love Jeff and feel as they have had an awakening moment. Jeff speaks with teens in a language far different than their own parents. Parents often write and call our office asking how in one hour we connected with their child about the same issues they’ve been trying to teach for years. This is just one of the many things that makes Jeff the most sought after youth motivational speaker in education today.  So, for your next middle school assembly on bullying prevention program or middle school motivational speaker, contact Jeff today.

Jeff’s Programs are age appropriate and can be tailored to a specific theme with advance notice. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to bring Jeff Yalden to your school for your next middle school assembly and student leadership event.

If you are interested in Jeff coming to your middle school, please give Betty a call at 800-948-9289 and (CLICK HERE) for Jeff’s Brochure.

Videos of Middle School Motivational Speaker, Jeff Yalden speaking in Middle School Assemblies:

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Two Middle School Administrators Endorse Jeff Yalden:

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