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High School Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Talk

It’s complex, yet very simple at the same time. Today’s youth are the first generation of young people being raised in a time where the American family is more disengaged and broken than ever before. As Jeff will say, “It might not be your fault, but it will always be your responsibility.” (Read Blog) This video shows you the main points of Jeff’s new high school assembly on Teen Mental Health. This talk is easily customizable for any age school assemblies, college and university students, a teacher in-service staff development day, parents, and mental health professionals. Even if you’ve had Jeff speak in your school community and the staff and students loved him, bring him back for a whole new talk with deeper information that will resonate with the audience.

Teen Mental Health Talks for Schools

Please share this video with school administrators, counselors, parents, and students. It’s a great lesson for classes and discussion on Teen Mental Health.

Why Hire Jeff for Teen Mental Health in your School Communities?

Here is the deal, teen mental health today is very different than the mental health conversations we are used to having. Teens don’t care about titles, textbooks, and statistics. What they care about is two questions:
  • Do you care about them?
  • Can they trust you?
This is about the relationship between their trusted significant adults and the teen (person) in search of answers.

Before you get to these two questions a few things need to happen first.

  • The teen (person) needs to recognize something is wrong in how they’re feeling, thinking, and/or acting.
  • The teen (person) needs to want to talk.
    • This doesn’t mean they need to know how to talk. Much of the time they don’t know what they’re thinking or feeling, therefore, they can’t even think about talking because they don’t know how to explain what they’re thinking or feeling.
  • The teen (person) needs to be willing to open up their heart, lose their ego, and trust in a significant adult.
    • Every teen needs to have a trusted significant adult they can reach out to.
  • The teen (person) needs to be willing to do the work

Hire Jeff Yalden for Teen Suicide and Teen Mental Health Talks

  • In hiring Jeff for your school community you are getting an experienced mental health speaker who is motivational and specializes in teen mental health and suicide prevention.
  • You are also getting a person who cares and therefore, spends a full day or more in your school community willing to meet with the students who are wanting help and come forward.
  • You are getting a person in Jeff that has a proven track record and a great reputation education and crisis situations.
  • You are getting a person in Jeff who teens (even staff) are wanting to talk to because they automatically know that Jeff cares about them, they can trust in Jeff, and that Jeff understands and knows what they (person) is going through.
Today’s youth are hurting and broken. They’re searching for meaning in their life and the meaning of life. Jeff answers these questions for teens in a way they understand and they appreciate.

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