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Teen Suicide Book: The “WHY”

Teen Suicide Best Seller in Two Categories – School Psychology and School Safety
Based on Jeff’s comprehensive teen suicide prevention programs.  Jeff explains the factors that can lead to teen suicide and offers a common-sense approach to reversing this heartbreaking trend. Jeff Yalden did his TEDx Talk on TEEN Suicide: The “WHY” Behind Today’s Teen Suicide Epidemic. Learn Jeff’s Theory Behind Today’s Teen Epidemic and so much more about today’s suicides and how you can help prevent teen suicides. Order Today!
  • Theory on Teen Suicide: Three Factors that Lead to Suicide & Why Today’s Teen Suicide is an Epidemic
  • Crisis Intervention: Signs to Look for and How to Respond Appropriately
  • Living with Mental Illness: Had I Known Then What I Know Now
  • Self-Care as a Priority: The Power of Taking Care of Yourself First
  • Time and Words: Two Things You Can’t Take Back
  • Living with Bi-Polar
  • I’m Here for You: What to Say and What Not to Say
  • Mental Illness: What Stops Teens for Asking for Help
  • God and Mental Health: What You Need to Know
  • Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health: An Economic Issue and Our Responsibility
  • The Two Questions Every Teen Asks . . . You Need to Be Aware!
  • . . . and so much more!

Suicide Prevention for the School Community

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