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Are your teens stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed?  We have a solution that’ll help your teens or even yourself cope and you can start today!

Now you can continue working with Jeff.  21 Days of Meditation guided by Jeff will have you taking the first step to changing your life and your emotions.

Jeff sees and feels the impact that mental health is having on our youth.  BRACE is a program Jeff is creating to help your teens navigate the challenges of life both emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  High School mental health speaker, Jeff Yalden has been working with teens and school communities for three decades.  He’s a yoga teacher (200YTT certified teacher), counselor and therapist, and practices meditation daily.  Incorporate Jeff’s 21 Day Meditation into your classroom, advisory period, sports program or in the privacy of your own home.

Jeff has created a 21 Day meditation course for teens or anyone that wants to take back control of their life. This is a great meditation to learn and practice. Most importantly, it will help rid yourself from anxiety, stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Tired in ways sleep can’t fix

Recently, high schoolmental health speaker, Jeff Yalden, was meeting with a 16 year old young man during one of his visits to a school community for a teen mental health and teen suicide prevention visit. This young man was showing signs of suicidal ideation and had asked to speak with Jeff personally.Teen Mental Health Speaker on Teen Suicide Prevention

After sharing his story and his pain, he had asked Jeff if he wanted to hear his voice memo’s he had in his phone that nobody had ever listened to. These voice memo’s were of him talking about his pain and wanting to end his life. They were like his journal where he kept his feelings and thoughts, but instead of on paper it was him speaking it out.

Teens Are Tired In Ways You Don’t Understand

After listening, Jeff paused for a second and said, “Can I ask you a question?”

The young man said, “Yeah.

Are you tired?“, asked Jeff.

The young man replied with, “Mr. Yalden, I’m tired in ways sleep can’t help.

Suicide Prevention for Teens
Inspirational and educational read for those interested in understanding Teen Suicide and Suicide Prevention.

That moment was defining for Jeff, the author of Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic. It was this moment that Jeff knew he needed to do more to help young people struggling with this tiredness, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, and moments of distress.

As a yoga teacher, Jeff credits his yoga practice to saving his life in 2015. Since then, Jeff has become a certified 200 YTT (Yoga Teacher Trainer) specializing in Ashtanga Vinyasa and currently teaches online and in studio. Jeff decided to create a meditation practice for teens and high schools as part of his BRACE Program: Breathe, Recover, Act, and have Compassion for Every One, but most importantly for yourself. He did this because he sees the need to help our school communities with their teen mental health challenges.

BRACE is an online program coming for school communities to help schools with their teen suicide prevention protocols and suicide prevention awareness for teens, school personnel, and families. This program is going to consist of more meditation practices, simple yoga for teens, and also downloadable checklists for administrators to cover themselves legally and to make sure they’re following the latest research on teen suicide.

Teen Mental Health Speaker for Adults too

After Jeff speaks, all too often, a teacher, school counselor, parent, school resource officer and even sometimes a coach will approach Jeff and say, “You weren’t just speaking to the students. Thank you.” Jeff realizes his transparency and vulnerability with his story hits home and impacts many of people. Jeff gives people permission to realize, it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to do something about it.

Text Message Teen Suicide
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21 Day Meditation for School Communities

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE! This 21 Day Meditation is for anyone that wants to learn how to meditate and who wants to keep following Jeff in their journey to self-discovery.

Enjoy this 21 Day Meditation: Take Control of Your Life

This 21 Day Meditation: Take Control of Your Life program has been carefully created for an experience to help you break out of frustration and limitation, anxiety, stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed. This program is to help you reset, reframe, and take back control of your life.

This is a part of Jeff’s BRACE program coming to schools in 2022.