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In Episode 60 of The BOOM Podcast, mental health speaker and Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden encourages you to bring the BOOM into your life – whether it’s a factor or an effect – but if you can align that BOOM with a purpose, and that purpose makes you happy every day, even better.

Day 14 of the “Attitude of Gratitude” series is all about purpose and fulfillment.

“If you knew me when I was younger, and you would have ever thought then that I’d be doing what I’m doing now – there’s no stinkin’ way,” he said, but he added that he is proud of the work he does because it’s fulfilling, meaningful and very rewarding.

Jeff said being happy personally is not the same as being happy professionally, but if you are not happy professionally, you will have a tough time feeling fulfilled.

“You have got to determine whether you are happy or not, and one of the ways for happiness to be fulfilling is to do something in life that is bigger than you. Serve this world or your community or your family in a way that, every single day, you feel like you are not stressed because you are living a purpose that is so big.”

Find what you are grateful for, and this can serve as a roadmap to fulfillment.

Jeff shares a couple of examples of this in his life where his purpose is bigger than himself.

“Carolina Forest High School here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, had a student make that forever decision about a week ago. I sent a message to the school and I offered my prayers and thoughts. I said I was sorry, and if there was anything I could do, please let me know.”

Because he reached out, Jeff was able to do presentation at the school.

“I feel very fulfilled in my heart that I got to do that,” he said.

He also recently spent two days in Killingly, Connecticut, where the local community lost five people in the past year.

“In those two days, I had some very meaningful conversations with the student body, the counselors and social workers and the administration – and I got to talk to some students one-on-one.”

He also participated in a home visit for a person whose roommate overdosed and died that very day.

“We got to go to the house to just let this person know – ‘we care about you and we just want to make sure that you are OK as you go through this process over the next couple of days.’”

He finished up his time in Killingly by watching the local high school continue to go undefeated against a rival team from Hartford that had three Division 1 athletes on the team.

“It was cold, but it was beautiful to watch those kids of character and, resilience and perseverance,” he said.

What can you do that is bigger than you?

“When you find something to do that gives you a beautiful purpose, your life is going to change,” he said.

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