When mental health speaker and Amazon Bestselling author Jeff Yalden recorded Episode 57 of The BOOM Podcast, he found himself at home in the beautiful Myrtle Beach area – enjoying some quality time and chilling on his patio and planning his day.

Then it hit him: This was November 10, also known as the Marine Corps Birthday, which is now 242 years old.

As many of you know, Jeff served as a United States Marine during the Gulf War.

What an awesome time to be recording a podcast episode about gratitude!

“Oorah! Semper Fi to all of my fellow marines that I served with,” he said, adding that this shout-out went to those who served before, who are serving now or thinking about serving in the future – and he extended his thanks to all servicemembers.

“You are serving our country, and you are giving us the very freedom that so many of us take for granted every single day. Thank you.”

And while he was on the subject of gratitude for those who serve – Jeff broadened his scope to include other folks who are of service to a purpose greater than self – who toil selflessly every day to make sure that others are taken care of.


“Here’s my question: What are you doing in life that makes your community a little bit better? What do you do? What is your service to a purpose that is bigger than you? Think about that.”

Every day, Jeff asks himself the following three questions:Is my life meaningful?

“I challenge you to ask yourself those three questions – and if you can’t say yes to those three questions, I challenge you to make a change. The greatest change that you can make is finding a purpose in life that is bigger than you.”

For Jeff, as it should be for you, gratitude is feeling good in your heart for something that you are receiving, but it can also be something that you are giving through service to others.

What are you grateful for?

“Sometimes we live our lives so fast that we forget just the little things. Remember this: Fast is slow and slow is fast. Just stop, take it all in – breathe, feel and appreciate – because health is not health unless we first have our mental health.”

Jeff says it’s imperative that we lower the anxiety we experience every day, and get to the heart of what is bothering us and taking up space in our heads.

“If you go out every single day and you are living at about a seven out of ten on the anxiety scale – how productive are you, really?”

Instead, start your day with a self-care routine – reflecting on the things you appreciate. Don’t be like 99 percent of the people who are on autopilot – merely going through the motions. That’s not living.

“Wake up every day with a purpose, my friends. Wake up every single day with love in your heart. Wake up every day knowing that life is a challenge – but as much as life is a challenge, life is also a blessing.”

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