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Hal Elrod
author of The Miracle Morning
BOOM! works magic if you implement it into your everyday life. And (as Jeff will tell you) BOOM! is the perfect addition to your Miracle Mornings!
C. Schmitt
Guidance, Warwick HS, Warwick, NY
In the fifteen years of bringing speakers to Warwick High School, this was the first time anyone has received a standing ovation from the students.
D. Guglielmana
Activities Director Martin Luther King Jr. MS, Oceanside, CA
Jeff has the ability to reach the very heart of his audience by relating experiences to their lives, and also by giving them direction and hope for their futures.
J. Okulski
Principal Garden City HS, Garden City, NY
Veteran staff members indicated that you were the best assembly program that they had witnessed in their careers. Students told me that they were going to use your thoughts in their college essays. Others wanted you as our graduation speaker. I was personally moved by your thoughts.

Inspire your students and staff with Jeff’s “BOOM” motivational book and 28 Day Workbook Boot Camp. Educate students and staff with, “Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind Today’s Suicide Epidemic.” These books are written to encourage, support, and educate.

Jeff Yalden is renowned for his work as a youth motivational speaker and teen mental health and suicide prevention expert. Nearly 30 years, Jeff has given his life to students, teachers, counselors, parents, and the mental health community. He’s the perfect teen motivational speaker for high school motivational and/or mental health school assemblies. He’s also a favorite educational speaker for teacher and staff professional development or teacher in-service presentations, and consultant on building school culture and climate on school campuses. He’s passionate, real, transparent, and enthusiastic, as youth motivational speakers must be in order to carry an effective message that lasts. As a Motivational Speaker for High School Assemblies, Staff Presentations, Parents, or Mental Health Professionals, you will not find someone as passionate as Jeff Yalden. Visit Jeff’s School of Intentional Living and Learning page to Positively Enhance your School Culture and Change Relationships.

Jeff Yalden changed my life in an hour more than the world did in 16 years.” – P. Blumenstein, PA

Effective motivational speakers for teens are very important in today’s world

Jeff passionately delivers awesome high school motivational assemblies and edge-of-your-seat presentations for staff development and mental health conferences. Jeff’s extraordinary ability to connect with teens and present to high school assemblies and speak on teen mental health and suicide prevention is unmatched. He’s the perfect youth motivational speaker for your high school assembly or teen mental health awareness event . Contact Jeff today for your event to have that , ‘Ah-Ha!’ Moment!

The top youth motivational mental health speaker in the world!

Jeff has addressed audiences in all 50 states, 49 countries, and every province in Canada. He speaks to teens, teachers, counselors, parents, mental health professionals, military, and more. He’s very much in demand for his teen depression and teen suicide prevention talks to communities and parents. No other motivational speakers for schools can say that 70 million viewers know them as the “Life Coach” on MTV’s longest-running reality show, MADE, which Mr. Yalden is known for.

Without a doubt, the best inspirational speech I have ever heard!” – Jackie, PA

I wish everyone could hear Jeff Yalden’s speech. It will truly change your life.” – E. Scheidemantle, PA

"Mr. Yalden is simply one of the best mental health speakers in the world today. ” – B. King, CPI Certification Expert

More Experience Than All Celebrity Suicide Prevention Speakers

Jeff has been helping young people, schools, teachers, and parents since 1992. Not all suicide prevention guest speakers are created equally, and Mr. Yalden has experience you can’t explain.

High School Mental Health Speakers . . . In Demand for School Assemblies!

It’s no secret that teen mental health is now being addressed in our elementary school assemblies, middle school assemblies and our high school assemblies. Many of our school administrators and school counselors are searching for teen mental health speakers that address teen mental health and teen suicide prevention seeking outside resources to speak about teen mental health and suicide prevention.  Let’s normalize the conversation and silence the stigma around teen mental health with Jeff Yalden.  Jeff Yalden is one of the top youth motivational speakers and teen mental health speakers in the world today having spoken to over 4,500 high school assemblies since 1992.

Teen Mental Health and Teen Suicide Prevention

Read Jeff’s book, TEEN SUICIDE: The “WHY” Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic and Jeff will tell you that teen mental health today is different than it’s ever been.  Before any diagnosis can be made we are struggling with our youth having coping skills and problem solving skills.  Therefore, this leads to teens struggling with feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, and stress.

Recently, Jeff met a 16 year old teen and in conversation Jeff asked the high school student, “Are you tired?”  The young man replied, “Mr. Yalden, I am tired in ways that sleep can’t help.”

Ask your students if they can understand this kind of tired and they’ll all probably say, “Yes!”  

Today’s youth are struggling with a lot of issues that they don’t feel comfortable sharing with parents or their significant adults, such as their teachers and school counselors.  They’re isolating and not talking about their thoughts and feelings which ultimately will lead to self-harming behaviors.  Jeff says, “If you don’t speak it out you’ll end up acting it out.”

Teens are in fear of being judged, not having their thoughts and feelings validated, and afraid of being a burden to their parents.  They’re used to being told they’re too young to be feeling depressed or anxious and therefore, they’re suppressing their feelings further.  As they suppress their feelings those feelings and thoughts will manifest and come out later in life.  “We need to do a better job normalizing the conversation around mental health and giving teens the safe space and permission to talk without judgment,” says Jeff.

Teenage Depression and Teen Suicide is Alarming

Teen depression and teen suicide rates are increasing daily.  Proper counseling and support for our youth is necessary for these statistics to start to go down.  Jeff says that many of our school communities are doing a great job by hiring social workers to help the school counselors and address teen mental health and suicide prevention.  We are making progress thanks to some federal funds and prioritizing teen mental health and suicide prevention in schools.

Teen mental health and youth motivational speaker Jeff Yalden brings a message of hope, resiliency, and grit to high school assemblies to help teens feel comfortable knowing that it’s okay to not be okay, but as Jeff reminds them, “What are you going to do about it?”  Jeff is transparent in his talk about mental health and his diagnosis being a man diagnosed with major depression, bi-polar type 2, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety.  Jeff feels that his story and vulnerability helps teens realize that mental health is not something you should be ashamed of because you can live a very successful life being living with mental health conditions and Jeff shares his recovery and self-care in his high school assemblies.

Many high schools reach out to youth mental health speaker, Jeff Yalden to talk to their students about mental health and teen suicide.  Jeff has spent 30 years dedicating his life to speaking with school communities: teens, counselors, teachers and staff, and parents and the community trying to normalize the conversation around mental health, silence the stigma, and to educate and inform parents about today’s teens and mental health.

Bringing Jeff Yalden to speak to your students will inspire them to feel they’re not alone and to help give them permission that speaking to counselors, parents, and trusted adults is the first step towards feeling better and addressing anxiety, being overwhelmed, and stress.  If you’re wanting an inspirational high school assembly to help students reflect on their lives and find solutions to their problems rather than self-medicating and going down the wrong path, consider high school mental health speaker, Jeff Yalden for your next school assembly.

How Youth Mental Health and High School Motivational Speaker Can Help Your Students

Most of your students in middle school and high school is suffering with anxiety and stress.  They’re overwhelmed and tired in ways sleep can’t help.  Jeff understands and his explanation makes sense and it’s not just isolation from the pandemic.  Jeff explains in a way your students want to listen and they hear his words.  Bringing in the right youth speaker for teen mental health and suicide prevention is a responsibility you need to be very careful about.  Bring in a youth speaker that talks to teens about mental health that is non-clinical, safe, and doesn’t leave pieces that have to be picked up.  Too many individuals are trying to speak to youth about mental health and think they have a story to share, but don’t realize the responsibility of their words and what they say.  Teens are very impressionable and a youth mental health speaker such as Jeff Yalden is safe with three decades of experience talking to teens and students about teen mental health and suicide prevention.  Hire the best youth speaker for teen mental health in schools – Hire Jeff Yalden.

Jeff’s 5 Elements to Teen Mental Health and Wellness

When Jeff Yalden comes to your school for school assemblies you can trust that Jeff is comfortable working with your counselors and/or social workers to interact with students, teachers, and the parents.  He answers their questions according to the individual issue teens are struggling with.  Each student is different and so are the circumstances and the problems; therefore, they just need a little support, compassion, and sometimes it’s them trusting in Jeff and knowing he cares.

Jeff Yalden is also a counselor and therapist with a private practice at home in Jacksonville, FL.  He is a facilitator for mental health support groups for teens, parents and families, domestic violence offenders and PTSD/Trauma groups.  He’s a consultant with ASPIRE-365 and Peer Vida and also consults routinely with law enforcement, doctors, mental health professionals and the military.

He is a four-time Amazon bestselling author, including his recent books, BOOM! One Word to Inspire Action, Deliver Rewards, and Positively Affect Your Life Every Day and Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind Today’s Suicide Epidemic.

How Youth Mental Health and High School Motivational Speaker Can Help Your Students

Why Hire Youth Motivational Speaker and Teen Mental Health Speaker Jeff Yalden

When teachers are busy completing the syllabus and parents are focused on earning money, the youth may not find the proper support in such troublesome life concerns. There might be several reasons for youth and teen depression, but someone must assist them with expert guidance to overcome their struggles.  This has been falling on our schools and their staff. 

Here comes the role of an experienced teen mental health speaker with years of experience working with teen mental health and teen suicide prevention.  You can be sure that Jeff will deliver a powerful teen motivational assembly that leaves a lasting impression on your students and also your teachers and staff.

The real and engaging mental health motivational speech from Jeff Yalden in high school assemblies may just be the seed that your students need to hear to feel comfortable asking for help.  One teen suicide is too many!  Suicide is the most preventable form of death and we all have a responsibility to address the issue.

Contact Jeff Today for your next High School Mental Health Speaker!

Contact Jeff today for a full-day event where Jeff comes in for 15 hours and works with your students, staff, counselors, and parents.  It’s a day you’ll never forget and a day your high school students will thank you for.

If you are looking for a high school mental health motivational speaker, look no further.  Jeff Yalden is one of the top youth mental health speakers in the world.