“When my co-workers who did not attend asked me how it was I could not even find words to express my thoughts. All I could tell them was that you are with no doubt the best speaker I have ever heard in my life of 26 years. I will never forget your presentation.” – Lisa Poth, Waco, TX

Teen Mental Health Training to your Staff & Students

Teachers are a growing concern for mental illness

Changing the school climate and school culture is a lot easier than you think.

As many states are making suicide prevention training mandatory it’s still not enough. We have a responsibility to do more and to bring this issue of Mental Health to the forefront and Jeff helps you do just that.

First, Jeff comes in and speaks about Teen Mental Health in a positive manner. He tells his story, shares his experiences, and gives your students hope and resources.

Suicide Prevention and Teen Mental Health

Jeff will train your school staff to be “Trusted Adults.” Not every teacher or staff members wants this responsibility, but those that want to be “Trusted Adults” will go through an extra hour of training and will receive a sticker and a poster for their classroom door entering the classroom and a poster for their classroom. 

Before any of the Training, Jeff likes to do a school assembly for all staff and students. This builds the respect and trust and sets the tone for Jeff being on campus.

Understand, not all our students are dealing with mental illness. Therefore, Jeff carefully makes this clear and delivers a message, “About Life” rather than just a message about Mental Health.

Before moving forward with this day, Jeff and the school administration and counselors will make sure they’re on the same page with what the school needs, their theme, what needs further addressing, etc.

The whole assembly covers many of issues that each of our students are dealing with such as:

  • Not being afraid to ask for help
  • Overwhelmed Feelings
  • Burdensome
  • Isolation
  • Self-Value
  • Attitude
  • Choices
  • Kindness
  • Bullying
  • Self-Care
  • Purpose
  • Happiness
  • Creating a Plan of Success
Your Contribution Saves Lives and Gives Hope!

One Person; One Community . . . At a Time!

Jeff’s best-selling book, TEEN SUICIDE:  The “WHY” Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic

For more information and to order the book, please CLICK THE BUTTON
Teen Suicide . . . An Epidemic in America

To advocate for mental health awareness and to teach suicide prevention to help anyone who is struggling so that they know it is ok to ask for help. To be a resource for school communities in their struggle with mental health on campus and to teach long lasting prevention and how to prevent a suicide from happening within their communities.

Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention Working with School Communities to Save Lives, Give Hope, and Inspire.

The Jeff Yalden Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to teen suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

Mission Statement: The Jeff Yalden Foundation’s mission is to prevent suicide, improve community mental health, and shatter the stigma of mental health by initiating a positive movement to speak up and reach out.

“For the past 15 years, my challenge is to find a speaker that can captivate the attention of college age students regarding mental illness and suicide. Jeff Yalden surpassed any expectations sharing his story and experiences to over 100 students. I watched these students listen intently as they absorbed the reality of these topics. Jeff’s passion for this topic is contagious and this was evident when a line of students formed following the presentation to receive bracelets that said “Take Time to Think”, and ask questions. A true testament was when a student asked if he could have the bracelet Jeff was wearing. Jeff’s delivery commanded respect and admiration from all who attended. I highly recommend that Jeff be incorporated in any programs regarding the topic of mental illness and suicide.” — Nicole Ovedia, LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist Director of Lynn University Counseling Center

Who Hires Jeff?

Benefit from more than Two Decades of Experience.

If you were there in this moment youd understand what a suicide could do to a school community

Benefit from THE MAN that Deals with Teen Suicide Every Day!

  • When one Indiana community lost 9 teens in one year, including four teens in six weeks all to suicide, who did they call? Jeff Yalden answers the toughest questions parents, teens, and educators are asking.  Jeff’s theory goes beyond the textbook definitions of mental health and teen depression.
  • A Suicide Contagion in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada the Canadian Mental Health Association called this small city, “A city in crisis!”, who’d they call?  Within days, Jeff Yalden was there spending five days in Woodstock talking to teens, families, and the community.

Many middle schools and high schools, colleges and universities are starting to make Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Training mandatory. Jeff brings a heartfelt message delivered with humor and truth intertwined with real-life stories that touch the heart and change lives.

Our youth today want real life talk and someone that understands them and what they are going through. For this reason, many school communities reach out to Jeff because not only does Jeff get it, but Jeff lives it and knows how to talk to teens on their level, but also in a professional and trusting manner with compassion and empathy.  Jeff gets our young people to open up their hearts and speak up.

Jeff literally goes into school communities and saves lives every time.

When Jeff Visits Your Community

After a suicide Jeff meets with students and friends and gives them permission to talk and feel while leading them in on a healthy and positive path to closure and acceptance
Get ready for a fun day that is inspiring and engaging while talking about what very few people have the courage to talk about – Mental Health & Suicide Prevention
This young lady was sent off by Jeff in an ambulance all alone A year later Jeff got to spend the day with her and see the growth and work she has done What a day
Full Day: One School Assembly; One on One with Students while working with the School Counselors, Teacher/Staff Presentation, Parents and Community Presentation. 15 Hours of being present, engaged, compassionate, and giving his heart to those that open up. It’s a day your school will never forget. In the midst of this incredible day, Jeff brings a new energy which reinvigorates your school culture, teacher and student relationships, and school pride. Jeff also works with your school counselors and administration to talk policies and procedures to come up with a protocol for teen mental health and suicidal ideation.
Engaging Fun Interactive
Two Full Days:  Two Full Days of Programs – School Assemblies, Workshops, Small Groups, Individual Coaching, Leading “Trusted Friends”, Teaching how to advocate for oneself, Teacher Training, Student Training, Parent/Community Presentation, and INSPIRATION.
  • The Signs To Look Out For
  • What To Say and “How” To Say It
  • How You Can Help Your Students & Staff
  • Signs and Symptoms of Teen Depression and Suicide
  • Jeff’s Theory on Today’s Suicide Epidemic
  • How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress in Everyday Life
  • The Effect of Social Media and Cell Phones amongst our Teens/Youth
  • And so much more!
“His presentations were engaging, interactive and real. It didn’t take long into these presentations that he gained the trust of not only the students but the faculty as well.” – Laina Jackson, Clearfield-Jefferson Suicide Prevention Team, PA

Suicide Prevention: Training School Staff & Student Leaders

Mental Health Staff and Teachers
Mental Health in our Schools and College Campuses A Crisis

Developed by Jeff Yalden this training is a Training Program for teachers, staff, and students. The experientially based training is designed to enhance knowledge, awareness, and skills concerning teen and youth suicide giving your teachers and staff the confidence and knowledge on how to deal with suicidal ideation behaviors and a crisis situation.

Teen Suicide Behaviors & Responding in Crisis: (Watch Video) Why Teens Self-Harm: (Click Here)

Specifically, this training aims to increase knowledge about suicide statistics, risk and protective factors, warning signs, and referral resources; to increase empathic listening skills, communication skills, and the ability to ask individuals if they are thinking about suicide; and to increase self-awareness concerning the potential emotional reactions teachers or peers may experience when interacting with students in crisis.

This Training by Jeff Yalden is highly interactive, with your staff participating in multiple exercises throughout the training to increase both their skills and awareness concerning the emotional intensity of responding to a student who may be showing strong suicidal ideation or even homicidal ideation.

The two-and half hour training culminates with a role play, in which your staff is given the opportunity to practice the skills they are taught during the course of the training.