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Suicide Prevention Wristbands: Take Time to Think Bracelets

Since 2004, Jeff Yalden has sold over 250,000 TAKE TIME TO THINK bracelets.
To order for your students please email our office. Bracelets come in black and purple. They come in youth size and adult size. Instead of 1/8″ we’ve gone back to 1/4″ because they don’t break as easily.

Take Time to Think Dog Tags: Military Style

Wear the same dog tags Jeff wears . . . TAKE TIME TO THINK. Attitude. Choices. Self Respect. (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) On order. If you are interested in dog tags please email our office and we’ll send them out.
“Jeff, I owe you a huge thank you. During the last school year you spoke at my school. During the assembly you talked about how we young people need to “Take Time To Think.” …. I was asked to go camping with a few other couples after prom, and I knew these kids pretty well, or so I thought, and I decided to go…. I myself had never drank, and still haven’t to this day. [When] beer started being poured into glasses and cups on the table. I was offered a glass, and I know this may sound cliché but before I answered I looked down at my wrist and the wristband said “Take Time To Think”, I knew at that moment I had no right being at that party, I needed to get out of that situation. Thanks.” – Student, Graduate Shaler HS, Pittsburgh, PA 2008

Teen Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

The “WHY” Behind America’s Teen Suicide Epidemic

Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic
PRE ORDERS being accepted . . . . Jeff Yalden did his TEDx Talk on TEEN Suicide: The “WHY” Behind Today’s Teen Suicide Epidemic.  Now, you can PRE-Order the book.  Coming out April 15, 2018. Learn Jeff’s Theory Behind Today’s Teen Epidemic and so much more about today’s suicides and how you can help prevent teen suicides.  Perfect for school administrators, parents, counselors, mental health professionals.  Everything from signs and symptoms, behaviors, four different types of clues, bullying and cyberbullying, prevention and awareness, doctors, therapy and counseling, types of depression, and so much more.  From the depths of working in teen suicide and suicide prevention comes the answers to your every day questions.
Best Seller on Teen Suicide, School Safety, and School Psychology
Sale Pricing: $20.00

Your Life Matters Book – Amazon Best Seller!

Tips from America’s Favorite Teen & Family Life Coach

Your Life Matters book for Teen Confidence and Teen Motivation.
Let’s go deep into the hearts of teens and young adults with answers to the most commonly asked questions they have.  Young adults and teens today are not only looking for someone that understands them, but someone that knows them. In an entertaining style, Jeff Yalden provides the answers to the questions most commonly asked of him to help build relationships, improve self-esteem, resist peer pressure, achieve their goals, and much more. This is an indispensable book filled with useful information for all people young and old alike. In a highly competitive world, this book will help you find your path to a purpose greater than yourself.For teens and young adults, this book is perfect.  Jeff Yalden gives answers to the most commonly asked questions by teens today.  The foreword is written by MTV’s Alyssa Williams whom Jeff helped on the show MTV MADE – The Comedian. Sale Pricing: $12.95

BOOM – Amazon Best-Seller!

“BOOM! works magic if you implement it into your everyday life. And (as Jeff will tell you) BOOM! is the perfect addition to your Miracle Mornings!” – Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning

One Word to Instantly Inspire Action, Deliver Rewards, and Positively Affect Your Life Every Day!

If you’re tired of not getting the most out of your life, it is time to start implementing the BOOM! BOOM stands for Be Of One Mind and is your reminder to align everything with your purpose. The BOOM! is a universal word for complimenting, agreeing, celebrating, and rewarding and helps you to feel motivated, think positively, and let the law of attraction work for you.
This book was inspired by Jeff after his life transformation from his near death experience in 2015 with diabetes. In therapy two to three days a week, hospitalized and told by the doctor he had less than a year to live. Jeff made his plans for an early death and retired from speaking. He made a major decision and lost 100 lbs – from 350 to 250. His blood sugar went from 600’s three times a day to 120’s. His triglycerides from 2784 to low 300’s. His A1C from 15.5 to 7.
As Jeff says, “Nothing changes if nothing changes!” Jeff made changes and those changes have him feeling better than ever. Jeff says, “I’m more present. I’m having more fun. I have a new purpose and understanding. I’m better than ever.”
This book is a must read for teens, youth, parents, athletes, and anybody who needs a kick in the butt. Fun read.
By reading this book you will learn how to take control now and implement the BOOM! to make many positive changes in your life:
• Be patient with the process of success
• Turn your dreams into goals and plans
• Learn from your mistakes
• Deal with mental illness
• Take responsibility
• Know you who are and who you aren’t
• Be true to yourself
• And so much more
In this high-energy, short, and to the point book, Jeff Yalden tells it like it is while sharing his own personal struggles.
Sale Pricing: $15.00

28 Days Creating a Life of Success: Amazon Best-Seller!

A daily step by step plan to Crush Goals, Overcome Obstacles, Believe in Yourself, and Live an Epically Awesome Life!

A daily step by step plan to Crush Goals, Overcome Obstacles, Believe in Yourself, and Live an Epically Awesome Life!
It’s a 28 Day Guide for the reader to make a plan and attack their daily goals.  Each day is a step by step action plan for success.
Sale Pricing: $12.95

The Workbook: Change Your Life in 28 Days

Creating a Life of Success. Find Motivation. Crush Goals. Overcome Obstacles. Live a Life of Purpose.

28 Days Day Planner for Teens.  What is your goals?  Write it down and be specific.  This workbook takes you day by day with tasks to complete your goal.  In 28 days, BOOM! you’ve accomplished your goals. Sale Pricing: $17.99

Why We Offer Suicide Prevention Bracelets, T-shirts, Books, And Teen Suicide Merch At The Jeff Yalden Foundation

*Mental Health is more of an issue in 2018 than ever. If someone you know has a suicidal thought, that is a risk factor, and an important factor to prevent suicide. A public health issue in the United States for a long time, not only for the suicidal person, but the loss survivor, of the suicide attempt. Bereavement support, peer support, and a support group are very important for any loved one that has lost somebody to suicide. Substance abuse, a mental health condition, depression, are all high risk factors leading to our country’s high youth suicide rate. The World Health Organization provides statistical data on a global scale for the number of suicides and attempted suicides. Our teen suicide merch, suicide prevention bracelets, t-shirts, and books are all sold to support the mission of the Jeff Yalden Foundation.