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Leading Youth Motivational Speaker Visits Oregon Coast

Jeff Yalden Captivates Warrenton Grade School

By Roger Yale for Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker

When Jeff Yalden visited the small coastal community of Warrenton, Oregon on February 28, residents were still reeling from the death of a young man named Trevor Secord in January.

A report in The Daily Astorian said that the young man was struck by a pickup truck after exiting a vehicle parked on the shoulder of the road. He was running down in the middle of the highway when it happened.

“State Police are investigating whether alcohol may have been a contributing factor in his actions,” the report stated.

The state of pain and loss was still evident when Yalden arrived at Warrenton Grade School to give a talk to grades 5-8, and for a workshop with faculty and staff at the end of the day.

“Part of me being here is not necessarily about the loss of Trevor – but the memory of Trevor is still very raw to these kids, and this has really affected the community in incredible ways,” he said.

Yalden said that one of the things he does as a speaker is to carefully talk about the loss and become one with the audience.

“You are feeling their pain and you are sharing your heart,” he said. “We were able to talk a little bit about our choices and our reactions to situations – and the importance of asking for help.”

He spoke to 350 kids in the gymnasium, delivering a message about life, bullying, anti-bullying, self-respect and a little bit of mental health.

“My friends, don’t let your life be about then. Our life is about today. If we can’t appreciate the today and the now, we will never be grateful for what this journey is all about.”

With the help of volunteers from the assembly, Yalden spoke about staying “in purpose.”

“I understand that everybody’s heart is still in a lot of pain, with a lot of questions. As you go through life, there are going to be times when you are extremely hurt, sad and rejected,” he said.

But the key is to get back up when life knocks you down – and this concept runs like a thread in Yalden’s messages.

“In life, there are things that takes us out of purpose. You have a life to live, you have a dream to fulfill – and you are going to execute that plan. You fell down, you pick yourself up – and you get back in purpose.”

Yalden spent an hour with faculty and staff, talking about teen mental health, suicide prevention and asking the right questions.

“In that hour, we also supported and validated who they are and the work they do with the kids every day,” he said.

Warrenton Grade School principal Tom Rogozinski had this to say about Yalden’s visit:

“Jeff not only inspired the kids, [but] I think he left them with much to think about that we as a school will be able to build on and from as we build a culture that these kids walk into every day; feeling connected, feeling loved and feeling ready to do their best. Jeff left our staff with some real clear marching orders or recognizing kids at risk – and some steps that we can take to support those kids as well.”

After his presentation, Yalden was off to Bend, Oregon and then back to Missouri.

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