Top Teen Motivation Speaker: Expect the Unexpected

High School Motivational Speaker, Jeff Yalden in Des Moines, Iowa: Believe in Yourself and Engage!

Jeff Yalden began his two-day stint in Des Moines, Iowa by speaking with student leaders in the ninth-grade building at Lincoln High School on February 1, 2017 – meeting them “at their level” and talking about leadership and influence.

“Whether you are the president or a high school student, leadership is about your influence on your peers,” he said.

FUN FACT: Speaking of presidents, did you know that former president Ronald Reagan called Chicago Cubs baseball games for WHO radio in Des Moines? This was one of his first jobs in the entertainment industry.

Jeff’s first assembly was for 600 ninth graders.

“Once we got rolling, the students were awesome,” he said. “We had an incredible talk about life choices, attitude and believing in yourself.”

Lincoln High School is the largest high school in Iowa, and houses the 10th, 11th and 12th grade classes on a separate property two and a half miles away. This is where Jeff spent the remainder of his first day, discussing mental health with teachers and administrative staff.

Because Jeff continues to battle with depression and anxiety, he brings a world of experience to the table – giving him a credibility that transcends mere research and positions him to be of real help to others.

Day two included three assemblies for sophomores, juniors and seniors separately.

Administrators and teachers told Jeff that the sophomore class would likely be the rowdiest class, but sometimes it pays to expect the unexpected.

“It’s funny. From the moment I picked up the microphone, these kids were amazing – respectful, kind and attentive. You could have heard a pin drop,” he said.

This vibe of attentiveness continued with the seniors too – and Jeff talked about being present and engaged in life – being a player in the game of life instead of just a spectator. And as usual, Jeff’s in-your-face style coupled with his compassion struck a chord with these young people.

“I was intense. I was loud. Man, I had fun!”

During a two-hour break, Jeff toured the building and said he got to meet with kids and teachers until it was time to speak to the junior class, which he said could have been the toughest audience.

“It was right after lunch and there were a lot of juniors. I thought they would rather be on their cell phones than anything else – but you know what? It was still a great assembly. What’s funny is that what we perceived to be the worst assembly brought the most kids up afterwards to say thank you or to buy wristbands.”

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Jeff’s visit to Lincoln High School is not one he will soon forget.

“In the end, it’s a great school with some really caring, endearing and wonderful teachers that love their kids. I was very impressed with the administration, including India Morrow, who was my point of contact that brought me in. I am a big fan of this school, and I will always remember how special of a visit we had.”

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