In the above VIDEO, renowned mental health speaker and Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden lays out some important pointers to keep you present and centered in the midst of the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

How is your heart?

Are you feeling OK in this time of uncertainty?

How are you doing with your emotions and your triggers?

Jeff says we can’t control COVID-19 or the future. We can’t can’t control people, places or things either, but we can control what we take in. We can control what we ingest.

And he’s not just talking about what we eat or drink.

We can control how much of the news we choose to ingest, for example – or limit the time we spend on things that don’t serve us.

Did you know that feeling overwhelmed is a common symptom of anxiety? The entire world is feeling anxious over the novel coronavirus.

You can choose to limit the noise in your life. Let’s turn down the noise and focus on our self-care.


How about keeping a gratitude journal? This daily practice will help to keep you centered. And even in the most trying times, there is always something to be grateful for.

Even with this COVID-19 situation, we can still be thankful.

As you progress in your gratitude journal, you will start to appreciate things you never really thought about. You might notice a beautiful little tree in your backyard that you never even looked at before – or the way your dog’s eyebrows and ears move when you talk to him.

There are so many things to do every day that can enrich you.

You could write a real letter to a friend. Yes – a snail-mail letter. You can start on that book you always wanted to write.

How about listening to music or catching up on your podcast queue? You can get into a fitness routine. (Yes – you can still go outside. Into the sunshine. By now, we all know about social distancing.)

You can go for a walk or a bike ride, spend time video chatting with family and friends or take a drive.


De-clutter. Try painting, coloring or drawing. Shoot a video. Set up that YouTube channel you have been thinking about.

Read uplifting books. Get your blog going. Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? It’s quick and easy to get set up.

You can come out the other side of this pandemic as a guitar player.

Jeff practices yoga daily, and he highly recommends that everybody try it. Stretch. Breathe.

The point is this: Downtime because of COVID-19 can become an exercise in personal development.

Watch the above VIDEO for more from Jeff.


In the VIDEO, Jeff talks about Dr. Murray Bowen and his Family Systems Theory, which details the family dynamic and mental health. It’s all about how different family members cope with what they are going through in life.

According to Jeff, if we’re not communicating and sharing our thoughts and feelings within the family, we start going outside of it, and that’s where separation happens.

Bullying often comes from our children having to suppress what life throws at them. This can cause them to take their anger and frustration out on others.

Jeff discusses an important point made by his friend, Dr. Alex Crosby at the CDC: The number one statistic for suicide is white males between the ages of 35-50.

According to Jeff, many of these young men were taught not to share their feelings and to “suck it up,” “be tough” or “grind through it.”

“This isn’t healthy,” says Jeff. “When our responsibilities become bigger or our obligations are greater, you have no coping or problem-solving skills.”

It’s critical that we tell our kids that it’s OK to talk about their feelings. The old-school approach is dangerous and simply doesn’t work.

Talk to your children about COVID-19 and pay attention to their concerns.


COVID-19 is scary. Do what the experts tell you to do. We will get through this.

Make sure to share your feelings with your circle. Communicate. Laugh. Love.

“Find things that you can do that take you away from the stress and bring you closer to what’s beneficial for your overall well-being,” said Jeff.


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