Parents and Teen Mental Health

Youth Mental Health and Teen Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden shares a message for parents about teen mental health and social pressures teens face today.

Pastor is Critical of School Administration

Teen Suicide and School Administration: Let’s Not Be Critical of How It’s Handled! I receive another message of how the local community doesn’t agree with how school administration is handling a teen suicide in their community. Recently, I visited a school district and spent two days after this community had decided they needed to do […]

We’re IN TROUBLE: Social Media Algorithms

You can’t live your best life anymore.  People can’t think, reason, or act for themselves because social media platforms and the way algorithms are set up have you controlled and you don’t even know it, or maybe you do. Well, you probably should and I hope I can shed some light on how today’s algorithms […]

5 Key Concepts to Living Effectively with Mental Illness

5 Key Concepts to Living Effectively with Mental Illness Suicide is a public health challenge that causes immeasurable pain to individuals, families, and communities across the state and country. According to Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, in 2019 the State of Florida had 3,427 people die by suicide. The 5 Key Concepts to Living Effectively with […]

FREE Teen Suicide Prevention Course for Schools

Renowned Teen Mental Health Speaker and Teen Suicide Prevention Expert gives you a FREE Suicide Prevention and Inspirational Talk for your School. During this 50 minute talk Jeff engages in the conversation of mental health and suicide prevention talking about signs to be aware of and how you can intervene and how you can best […]

Officiant of Weddings in Myrtle Beach

Jeff Yalden has an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Universal Life Church Ministries. Looking for a wedding officiant in the Myrtle Beach area? Look no further. Jeff Yalden is the perfect Myrtle Beach Wedding Officiant for your big day.