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The Result: Lives Changed! Counselors Excited! Teens Validated and given Responsibilities and a Plan!

You will not find a youth speaker or trusted adult who cares more than you will Jeff Yalden. “We have to do more with less!”, Jeff tells 13 counselors and 3 school psychologists on a recent visit to a school in Connecticut.  Our school counselors are overwhelmed with the stress and heavy burden as our teens are needing more mental health counseling. We need to get our teens comfortable with asking for help.  Jeff says, “It’s OK to ask for HELP!” and when he does the teens are lined up outside waiting to talk to him. This is where Jeff is at his best and really connects one on one with teens. They trust Jeff. Jeff’s cares about them, but knows how to listen and understand them. Jeff also knows the things to say in a manner that they are listening. With a counselor or assistant always present, Jeff is caring and sensitive as he opens his heart to allow them to trust in him. While Jeff listens and validates their feelings, Jeff is empathetic and charismatic, yet direct and firm. This is a defining moment that can change their life and make them think. Jeff talks them into being their best advocate and taking responsibility. He always says, “We are not victims to circumstances or situations.  Sometimes, it’s just that outside person that can say things you can’t.  Or, it’s that outside person that says the same thing you say, but Jeff says it in a way that is different.  Maybe it’s just because he is different and they trust that he is different and not one of the counselors or administrators. These are days the counselors and teens appreciate because Jeff can meet with several of your cases, or students wanting to ask for help. Jeff can help you update your records and get you caught up.  This is a day where we start fresh and inspire our kids to think about where they are going from this point forward and are given a plan to do so. Inquire Further with Jeff to Discuss the Possibilities of Jeff “Life Coaching” with your school Counselors. Contact Jeff Suicidal Thoughts, also known as suicidal ideations, are thoughts about how to kill oneself, which can range from a detailed plan to a fleeting consideration and does not include the final act of killing oneself.  The majority of people who experience suicidal ideation do not carry it through once they get the help then need.