Best Youth Motivational Speaker at Bucks County Technical High School

For the 8th consecutive year, Jeff Yalden visited the great students of Bucks County Technical High School (BCTHS), in Fairless Hills, PA.  Here is a quick video of Jeff’s visit. Jeff  Yalden is a youth motivational speaker and a mental health speaker speaking to high schools, middle schools, college and universities.  His message is great […]

Imagine a School where Bullying didn’t exist . . . Could you?

Imagine if the Zero Tolerance Policy in schools existed and were enforced.  Here is a solution where everyone becomes accountable, but first everyone has to understand that everyone is human and has the need for purpose and acceptance.  We need to teach a culture of compassion.  This is the ABC’s of Bullying Prevention. Bullying – […]

3 Ways to Accept Others for Who They Are

Hey friends, Jeff Yalden here. You know, for many years I always thought my way was the right way. Tell me I’m not the only one, right? I had a moment a month ago or so – where I learned to live and let live and that I need to accept things for the way […]

A Change Is in Order

A Change Is in Order Nothing changes until you change. While the difficult takes time, the seemingly impossible just takes a little longer. Today marks one year since the day that my dad knocked on my door about midnight in early August and told me to get up. He and my mom were worried about […]

How to Live Your Life with Less Disappointment

When you wake up to start your day, do you have expectations of how people are going to treat you or how they may perceive you? There is something in this world that you simply cannot change – and that’s other people.  When you live your life expecting certain outcomes, or certain expectations, you become […]

Why Should I Love You if You Don’t Love Yourself?

I had an awesome week.  I spoke everywhere from Pittsburgh, PA, to Albany, to Wyoming, and then I finished off in Denver. I’ve got the greatest job in the world. As motivational speaker for teens, I got to speak to over 6,000 students, teachers and educators this week.