For this episode of The BOOM Podcast, Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden comes to us from a private cabana at The Venetian Las Vegas.

The BOOM 28-Day Boot Camp will change your life – but you need to put in the work every day. No skipping ahead.

Yesterday, we talked about rewriting your plan, this time being very specific about what you want.

If you haven’t done the work for DAY THREE, go back and do this now.

If you have done your best with the previous steps, you are ready to move on.


Contact three people and share your plan with them.

Jeff likens this step to having three accountability buddies.

“These three people could be friends,” said Yalden. “What I suggest you do is find three people in your close circle of trust – three people that are very supportive and encouraging. Find three people that you can count on that are going to hold you accountable to what you say you are going to do.”

Yesterday, Jeff used the example about what you should do if you wanted a new Jeep. He instructed you to drill down on color, style and other options – a big difference from simply wishing you had a Jeep.

By now, you have written down your plan. It is timely, attainable, relatable and measurable. You have put that plan by your bedside and in your phone where you can read it when you wake up and when you go to bed.

“Now what you need to do is to take that plan and share it with three trusted friends. And here’s the great thing: While you are sharing this with three trusted friends, why don’t you share what you are doing with those three trusted friends,” he said.

Let these three people in on the fact that you are working on The BOOM 28 Day Boot Camp: Creating a Life of Success. Find Motivation. Crush Goals. Overcome Obstacles. Live with Purpose.

By having accountability buddies and sharing your work in the Boot Camp, they might want to join in, and you will have a built-in Mastermind Group: You are inspiring them and they are inspiring you.

“Part of this is getting those negative influences – those naysayers – out of your life,” said Jeff. “Find people that are going to encourage and support you. Share your plan with them. This is your purpose every day. These are your goals. This is what you are working hard for every single day – and now you made it real by sharing it with three trusted friends – and maybe they are going to do something very similar with you.”

Yalden said there are no shortcuts to success.

“There is no pill you can take, no book you can just read. If you are going to be successful, it’s a matter of you going through the process. You are grinding hard. You are putting it out in front of you. Walk in purpose every single day to achieve what you are laying out.”

Remember: Dreams don’t work. Plans do.

“Instead of wanting and wishing, let’s start doing it – making it happen,” he said. “Put your plan on paper, share it with three likeminded people, make no excuses – and go after it.”

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