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Jeff Yalden continues his 28-Day Challenge with Day Three of distilling the principles from his brand-new workbook, The BOOM 28 Day Boot Camp: Creating a Life of Success. Find Motivation. Crush Goals. Overcome Obstacles. Live with Purpose.

It’s very important that you don’t skip ahead, and that you implement the daily instructions to the letter.

This workbook contains actionable information found in Yalden’s Amazon bestseller, BOOM! One Word to Inspire Action, Deliver Rewards, and Positively Affect Your Life Every Day.

In Day One, you made a commitment and chose to take the initiative to go all-in on making a specific change in your life.

Day Two, you took the dream out of your head and put it on paper. You wrote it all down without limits or boundaries.

Did you do your homework? Jeff is laying it out for you, and is making this as simple as possible – but only you can do put in the work.

DAY NUMBER THREE: Rewrite Your Plan and Be Specific

In his speaking programs, Jeff often uses the Jeep example:

“Let’s say you want to save up to buy a Jeep,” he said. “You can’t just put down on paper that you want a Jeep. What kind of Jeep do you want? Is it a two-door or a four-door? Is it black? Is it a hardtop or convertible? Does it have big tires? Is it standard transmission or automatic? I want you to be as specific as possible.”

You’re not done yet. You also need to determine a time frame in which you will accomplish your goal and drive off the lot in the Jeep.

Let’s say you want to save ten thousand dollars. That number is specific, but what about the time frame?

“Do you want to save it this year? Do you have a two-year plan? Let’s break this down and come from reverse-engineering from the end result: How much money will you need to save every month to get to your goal of ten thousand dollars?”

If you save $500 a month in a two-year plan, you will arrive at your goal with four months to spare.

Jeff has another important directive about Day Three:

“The other thing I want you to do is to put put the notes for your specific goal or plan in your phone. Put this by your bedside,” he said. “Every single day when you wake up, I want you to look at your plan. I want you to look at your vision.”

This is what you should be striving to accomplish every day.

“When you wake up, you see it. When you go to bed, you read it first – so that when you are sleeping, it’s in the subconscious, and you’re like – ‘I am going to do this. I got this.’”

Make sure your plan is very specific and that you include details.

“When you put your plan by your bedside and in your phone, you start reading it – you’ve got to start to feel it. You have to taste it and see it as if this will come to fruition – ‘this will happen for me.’”

Yalden said that If you don’t feel it – if you don’t taste it – if you can’t believe what you are putting down on paper – rewrite your plan.

“My friends, you can always rewrite your plan, but make sure that what you are putting down on paper is out of your head. And when you put it on paper, get really specific with exactly what you want – and now you have got to believe it.”

Every night and every morning when you read your plan, you are working toward something you believe is attainable.

“You’ve got to believe it. You’ve got to see it. You’ve got to feel it. If you don’t – rewrite your plan.”

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