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Does Your State Endorse The Jeff Yalden Foundation as a Youth Suicide Prevention Program for your School Communities?

Jeff Yalden is proud to be listed by state departments of education, health and human services, , state health departments, education departments, school districts, school communities, and statewide foundations and non-profits as a recommended youth suicide prevention program and speaker for teens, teachers, and educational staff personnel. Jeff Yalden understands the value of evidence based training when it comes to choosing a youth suicide prevention program school for K-12 teachers, staff, students, parents and communities. Many states, districts, and schools looking to improve school climate and increase confidence and preparedness to have conversations about suicide have chosen and recommended Jeff Yalden as a program of success and a speaker for teens, staff in-service suicide prevention training, and a speaker for parents and community members. Jeff has experience working with school communities for multiple days being proactive to prevent a suicide, and working after a school community has experienced a teen suicide and with communities experiencing a suicide contagion.  Visit for a list of school districts that have hired Jeff Yalden for their community and students. Below is a comprehensive list of approved prevention plans, reports, toolkits, approved training tools, and other resources that should also consider Jeff Yalden and The Jeff Yalden Foundation as a youth suicide prevention program resource for schools and other settings. Some states recommend Jeff Yalden Suicide Prevention as a way to fulfill a state training mandate on suicide prevention.  Give Jeff Yalden a call at 800-948-9289 for suicide prevention training at your school district and community.  Jeff directly relates to teens, teachers and staff, parents and community members. See if your state is on the list below. Are we missing your state website? Let us know at If you are interested in a Jeff Yalden Suicide Prevention Programs and Youth Suicide Prevention Program for K-12 or higher education, contact us directly at

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