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In August, The BOOM Podcast had over 2300 downloads. As of early September, podcast downloads were going strong at over 400.

“I am totally stoked about this,” said Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden. “I feel honored that people are downloading this podcast and checking it out.”

Yesterday’s action step from the BOOM 28-Day Boot Camp was all about allocating a certain time in your day to for self-care and working on your plan.

If you have completed yesterday’s task, it’s time to ramp things up with Day 16:

Create a Routine for Greatness

In Episode 30 of The BOOM Podcast, Yalden talked about his friend Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning.

“I want to invite you to check out the book. It has changed the lives of millions of people – including mine,” he said.

If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you already know that Yalden struggles with mental illness, having been diagnosed with major depression, bipolar II and PTSD. But he also believes that those who struggle with him should avoid using this an excuse for not moving forward.

“My friends, listen: We can’t use this as an excuse. We are not victims. We are victors. This is a mindset.

We should not be bitter or angry about situations. We should just choose to go through them – and choose to become better. Having said that, I think having a routine for greatness is one of the most important things that we can do.”

Yalden wakes up early, and he employs his routine right away by sitting down and simply breathing.

“I like to inhale for a count of four – hold it – exhale for a count of four – and I have this mantra that I use: ‘Inhale peace. Exhale love.’”

Try it.

You will likely notice your mind wandering. Not a problem. This is normal. Bring your mind back to center and go through the process again.

“What I am trying to get you to do is to lower your anxiety. Now you can run out and own the day instead of letting emotions run your day,” he said.

First thing in the morning is also a great time to pray or meditate. Alternatively, you can journal or do adult coloring – all with the intention of bringing a sense of peace and calm so that you don’t start your day in a harried or rushed state.

You might enjoy exercising in the morning, like Jeff.

“I like that, because I like to get it done and I’m like, BOOM – I’m ready to go. Endorphins are kicking and I am ready to own the day.”

You might prefer to exercise in the afternoon. Yalden said that’s fine too. The idea here is to set up a consistent routine throughout your days.

Routine creates a habit. Do this every single day.

“Let’s say your time is from six a.m. to eight a.m. Make that a routine, and don’t let things don’t let things come in and interrupt it and become the habit. Choose to make the habit about what is productive. When you are interrupted, make sure you get back in purpose with what’s important to you.”

Create a Routine for Greatness.

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