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Attitude of Gratitude: Day Seven

  If you have been keeping a gratitude journal, there are times when it seems like a struggle to pinpoint things you are grateful for on a daily basis. But remember to embrace the people and the moments in your life that lift you up, inspire and challenge you. When he recorded this episode of […]

Attitude of Gratitude: Day Six

Recently, mental health speaker and Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden was busy packing for a trip to Houston. He was feeling good – ready to tackle his day when he got a message from a friend who was struggling with some issues and is in counseling. Right away, it hit him that he wished he […]

Attitude of Gratitude: Day Five

Mental health speaker and Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden recorded Episode 51 of The BOOM Podcast in the parking lot of Oregon-Davis High School in beautiful Hamlet, Indiana. Embrace the Differences What are you grateful for today? Sometimes it’s tough to pinpoint exactly what it is that we are grateful for on any given day […]

Attitude of Gratitude: Day Four

Appreciating the Moments in Your Life Mental health speaker and Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden came to us live from Burlington, Vermont for Episode 50 of The Boom Podcast – in an unlikely situation for a podcast: The side of the highway. He was driving in from a speaking engagement in New York, and was […]

Attitude of Gratitude: Day Three

If you are at all familiar with Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden, you already know that he is passionate about being fully transparent. This includes in large part the fact that he is a man who lives with mental illness, and he is a staunch advocate for mental health. He also believes that mental illness […]