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Appreciating the Moments in Your Life

Mental health speaker and Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden came to us live from Burlington, Vermont for Episode 50 of The Boom Podcast – in an unlikely situation for a podcast: The side of the highway.

He was driving in from a speaking engagement in New York, and was so taken with the beauty of his surroundings that he was compelled to pull over and share his thoughts immediately.

“Gratitude is just a simple attitude,” he said. “I am driving along, and I’ve got about an hour drive. I wanted to do it this morning rather than last night, so I can appreciate how beautiful Vermont is: The absolutely beautiful colors on the trees and the mountains.”

As he was passing by all the kaleidoscopic splendor of Vermont, the thought came to him that many of us are so busy that we sometimes fail to notice the grandeur of our surroundings. He could have easily sped toward his gig without a nod to the wonderful landscape along the way.

“My friends, happy people are not happy all of the time, but happy people celebrate happy moments,” he said. “Man – I am looking out over miles and miles of beautiful mountains. The colors! You can see the frost and the clouds – and if I look behind me, the sun is just coming up over the mountains and the farmland – just miles and miles of open land. What a way to start my day!”

For a guy now living in the Coastal Carolina region, he noticed the snappy 35-degree weather too, but he gladly embraced the beautiful experience.

“Day number four of Living a Life of Gratitude is about appreciating the moments. Find moments in your life to celebrate. I’m thinking to myself, what a great morning that I just get to wake up in Vermont and take all of this in.”

Happy people are not happy all the time, but happy people celebrate happy moments.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi, Jeff Yalden!
    We talked Mon. here at Heritage High School.
    Just wanted to send a brief note to say a whole hearted thank you!!
    The teacher passed the two books on to me.
    Reflecting on our conversation, it was truly inspirational to see knowledge you have of and sincere care for todays youth!!
    I quoted both your analysis of both what is wrong and what are the solutions to todays youth to the director of our Private Practice. She was Mental Health Agency that I also do private practice out of.
    You are amazing and I count it a privilege to have spent a few minutes with you!! Thanks again!!!

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