Youth motivational speaker Jeff Yalden is stoked about his new book, BOOM! One Word to Instantly Inspire Action, Deliver Rewards, and Positively Affect Your Life Every Day!

BOOM is a book about motivation and inspiration – a book Jeff has been working on since he went through a spinal cord fusion last year while also battling type 2 diabetes, losing 80 pounds along the way.  He briefly retired from professional speaking, but has since come back stronger than ever, reestablishing his place among the best of the best.

“I am excited to get this book out there,” he said. “It is a book that is about celebrating little victories every single day.”

But why BOOM?

He recalls attending his nephew’s middle school basketball tournament recently in Wisconsin.

“I was so excited. My nephew is going into 7th grade and he is already 6’3” – he is a beast – just a straight-up savage beast.”

His nephew was controlling the boards and putting up 20 points a game.

“Every time he or his team would score, I’d yell ‘BOOM!’ By the end of the two-day tournament, everyone in the gym was yelling ‘BOOM!’ They loved it, and I was really excited.”

The BOOM stuck – permanently enshrined in this captivating new book.

But what is the BOOM?

BOOM is a revolutionary mindset that is about to bring awesome back into your life.

BOOM is a factor and an effect.

The BOOM is the jet fuel you need to be able to turn challenges into new opportunities and to reward yourself after every accomplishment and every plan successfully executed.

And in this book – Jeff will help you discover your BOOM!

“I want this book to be for young adults. I want this book to be for parents and people that struggle with mental illness. This book is about taking responsibility every single day – about adding one simple word into your life to take action – but it’s also one simple word that gives you reward for a job well-done – whether you made those three phone calls this morning – whether you got up and did something you didn’t want to do – whether you had to struggle through a project and at the end – like, fist bump – chest bump – you did it!”

This brief read can change your life.

“The average person only reads less than ten percent of a book – so I wrote a book 18000 words long. That’s it.  I wanted it that way. I wanted you to read it – and then pass it on to a friend. That was my intention as I wrote this book.”

BOOM launches on Amazon on May 28, but is being offered for pre-release for just 99 cents. That’s right – for less than a buck, you can download BOOM and start to make a change in your life! Simply head over to and sign up to be notified when the pre-release drops.

Also – Jeff really wants the BOOM to be significant in your life. He wants it to work for you, and invites you to be a part of his launch team by joining the BOOM Facebook group –

This is a place for you to share excitement – to share where the BOOM has been successfully implemented in your life. You can also see the BOOM moments and rewards that others are experiencing on this journey.

“This is about a team. This is about togetherness. This is about BOOM – being a family. This is about all of us changing our lives and putting our best lives out there. This is about likeminded people. Call it the BOOM Mastermind Group.”

Are you ready? If so, your BOOM awaits you.

“You can change your influences. You can change your situation, but you’ve got to be wanting to make change in your life – and I think if you want to make a change, this book is going to be something that you need to read.”

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