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"I am a teacher. I have been working for the better part of 13 years,and I love my job. I have taught in 3 different middle schools, my current one being the most challenging and most rewarding. Early last year, I was teaching my classes and feeling the burnout that goes with teaching with passion and perfectionism. One day I am fighting a virus, the next thing I know, I am waking up from a 4 week coma. I couldn’t move or speak. Wow. Some of my first thought were,MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO MY STUDENTS WITHOUT ME? While still on a path to recovery, I was back teaching, when Jeff Yalden came to speak at my school. I listened to his words,his passion,his message of empathy and hope. Perhaps more importantly, my students listened. I am normally a very private and shy person, but when I saw him in the hall I had to speak out. I had to meet this man in person. I was blown away by the genuine sincerity of  this gentleman. I subsequently took his message back to all of my students and they ALL wrote messages to Jeff about inspiration and most importantly hope. He actually read these letters! And that simple but genuine act   my friends is what my brief time with Mr. Yalden gave back to me. Hope. I was inspired to make a difference in my students lives again,and in some cases maybe save them along the way. In fact, I am inspired in some future way to try and BE him as a professional. Or at least try! Jeff talks and writes often about compassion, empathy and gratitude. Those ideals have spread throughout our school and community, and I for one will never forget his message. In closing, I will state emphatically and without reservation that Mr. Yalden is NOT a risk to our students but a SOLUTION!" - Michael Bolin, Duel Certified 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, New Mexico

Youth Speaker Jeff Yalden addressing High School StudentsHigh School Motivational Speaker

High School Assemblies on Teen Life and Teen Mental Health

When one community lost 9 people to suicide in less than a year, including 4 teens in 6 weeks, who did they turn to? They reached out to Jeff Yalden and within days, Jeff was there to restore hope to a community lost in its search for meaning and understanding.  Jeff passionately delivers because at one time he was that teen lost and confused.  Today, Jeff touches the hearts of millions as he shares his timeless lessons about life’s defining moments. Whether it is motivational or teen mental health, Jeff Yalden tailors his talks to the need of the community. Jeff is not and never has been a canned speaker. You want someone to connect and inspire your students, look no further. Contact Jeff Yalden’s office today.

The fall of 2013 we’ve already had two suicides. This follows a student suicide in 2012, a staff suicide in 2013, two accidental student deaths, and the death of another staff member. All this in two years. Following the suicide in 2012 (the boy’s father also took his life later that day), we gathered a group of individuals representative of the school and the community (law enforcement, mental health providers, local ministers, etc.) to determine what we could do as a school community to deal with our loss and prevent additional lives lost to suicide. During a recent meeting it was decided that I should contact you about coming to our community to meet with our students, staff, and the community.” - Superintendent, Indiana

Jeff is the best I have ever seen, and I've seen hundreds. His style and his message transcend geographic or cultural boundaries and he has an innate ability to touch a young person's heart and mind like no one I have ever seen. His message is one of celebrating what is truly important in life - family, personal integrity and making right choices. Why he is so different from others speakers was best captured by one lady who told me, "Jeff talked to us, not at us." - Karen Musante, President & CEO, PFEW

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Youth Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden changes lives in high school assemblies.

High School Motivational Assemblies:

Character, Compassion, Motivation, Drugs and Alcohol, Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, etc. Jeff tailors his presentations to your needs.

High School Motivational Speaker

Since 1992, Jeff Yalden has been speaking to high school students all over the world. We look forward to Jeff speaking to your students.

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Teen Mental Health Speaker & Suicide Prevention Educator

Teen Mental Health Speaker, Jeff Yalden works with school communities talking teen mental health and suicide prevention.

Jeff literally changes lives in his mental health and suicide prevention talks.  We’d love to talk to you about Jeff visiting your school community where he works with teens, counselors, school administration, teachers, and parents and community.

Want Jeff to come to your School Community to talk about Teen Mental Health and Suicide Prevention? Visit Teen Mental Health & Suicide Prevention.

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Youth Conferences

SADD, FFA, FCCLA, Student Council, DECA, FBLA, and more. Are you interested in Jeff to speak at a youth conference you are hosting? (CLICK HERE). Jeff’s Brochure (CLICK HERE)

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Jeff, I wish you could help us finish out the next four weeks. We need your help. Our kids and staff loved having you for the day. " - Linda Garza, Principal, Woodsboro High School, Texas