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Crisis Intervention in School Communities

What happens when a school experiences a teen suicide in the school bathroom at 9:22 am on a Monday?  You don’t think it will happen to you because you think all is OK in your nice quaint community, and I hope it is. Jeff gets two pages in the schools yearbook.On this particular day in a small beautiful community southwest of San Antonio, TX – Devine High School it started like any ordinary day.  Until second period – two girls coming running in to the office screaming . . . Lives are forever changed in a heartbeat! A week later, this community brought Jeff Yalden to town for a 16-17 hour day.  Students, Teachers, Parents and Community, and then the high school basketball game. This is what Jeff does.  He touches hearts . . . he changes lives.  One person.  One community at a time. Jeff Yalden is the go-to person for Teen Mental Health and Teen Suicide Prevention. Want Jeff’s FREE Online Teen Suicide Prevention Course?   (CLICK HERE).

Jeff literally goes into school communities and saves lives every time.

For more information on Jeff working with your school and community, here is a little of what Jeff offers:

Here is what you get:

  • The Signs, Symptoms, and Red Flags To Look Out For

  • What To Say and “How” To Say It

  • How the Administrations Can Help Students & Staff

  • Signs and Symptoms of Teen Depression and Suicide

  • Jeff’s Theory on Today’s Suicide Epidemic (Watch his TEDx Talk)

  • How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress in Everyday Life

  • The Effect of Social Media and Cell Phones and the impact on Teens/Youth

 . . . and so much more!

Administrators are not given a certificate on how to deal with the loss of a student by suicide or accidental death

The principal’s niece. We emptied her locker to help the students with closure.

Jeff teaches administrators and school counselors how to lead their student and staff through the loss of one of their own.  Moving forward after a suicide can be very tricky. This is why many communities have reached out to Jeff Yalden for help in making sense to the students and helping the staff through the grieving process.

A small midwestern town.  34 high school students. Imagine when it’s the niece of the high school principal?

Jeff spent a full day in this community with students, staff, parents, including the parents of this young lady who was said by students and staff to be the most popular and well liked student in the school.

You don’t think it will happen in your community, but when it does, are you prepared to lead and be present knowing what to do and how to do it. Do you know what to say and how to say it? Do you know what the students and staff want when they’re looking to you for answers to the most difficult questions at one of the most defining moments of their lives?

Jeff Yalden has the experience working with school communities and hardship. Email him today.

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Jeff Yalden is a passionate advocate for mental health in youth and adults, and a leading authority on teen motivation, teen mental health, and teen suicide prevention and crisis intervention. <span”>His programs for teen mental health awareness, suicide crisis intervention and suicide prevention are highly sought-after in school communities across the country. A professional speaker and educational consultant since 1992, Jeff has mesmerized more than 5000 live audiences at schools, colleges, and mental health organizations in all 50 states and 49 countries. <span”>Jeff speaks from experience and delivers from the heart – with a no-nonsense approach that leads his audiences to their “AH-HA!” defining moments. He plants seeds that resonate long after he speaks. <span”>He is a New York Times bestselling Co-Author of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul. He is a four-time Amazon bestselling author, including his book, Teen Mental Health & Suicide Prevention: The “Why” Behind Today’s Teen Suicide Epidemic. This book explains the factors that can lead to teen suicide, addresses his Theory on Teen Suicide, and offers a common-sense approach to reversing this heartbreaking trend. His BOOM! One Word to Inspire Action, Deliver Rewards, and Positively Affect Your Life Every Day took off immediately after he wrote it. This book addresses Jeff’s battle with depression after spinal cord fusion and his near-death experience with Diabetes forcing him to make the decision to lose 100lbs.