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Mental Illness: Breaking the Stigma

Jeff speaking in Mooresville, NC OUR SCHOOLS AND MENTAL HEALTH This blog post is the second in a series based on the principles from my book, Teen Suicide: The “Why” Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic. In part one of this series, I talked about eliminating the stigma attached to teen suicide and mental illness. I believe […]

Imagine a School where Bullying didn’t exist . . . Could you?

Imagine if the Zero Tolerance Policy in schools existed and were enforced.  Here is a solution where everyone becomes accountable, but first everyone has to understand that everyone is human and has the need for purpose and acceptance.  We need to teach a culture of compassion.  This is the ABC’s of Bullying Prevention. Bullying – […]

7 Tips to Effectively Deal with an In-School Suicide

7 Tips To Effectively Deal with an In-School Suicide Imagine for a second you are dealt with an emergency situation in your building, where you have to react immediately to an in-school suicide. What do you do? Do you have measures in place for such an incident? With your emergency response plans, evacuation plans, and […]

Depression – The Common Cold

“If you only knew how I feel!” I know many people who suffer from depression echo these words every day. What is depression and how do we deal with it everyday?  First, depression is a condition we deal with.  It’s not who a person is.  Depression is a flaw in the brains chemistry, not a […]

Suicide Prevention Training

Do you know the signs of depression?  Do you know signs of a person ready to commit suicide?  Well, Jeff Yalden does and he is doing online training for your staff, parents, teachers, and community members. You need to sign up for this one hour *LIVE* Online Suicide Prevention Training Webinar.  If you are a […]