Teen Suicide Prevention & Suicide Assessments by Unqualified Mental Health Professionals

Why You’re More Qualified in Suicide Prevention Than Most Mental Health Professionals Yes, you just read that correctly.  I’m Jeff Yalden and I’ve been working in Teen Suicide Prevention and Suicide Prevention – Teen Mental Health for nearly 30 years. You’re about to read the lack of suicide prevention training our mental health professionals receive […]

Drilling Down on The BOOM 28-Day Boot Camp: Day 26

Youth motivational speaker and Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden did the following Facebook Live video the day after the horrendous massacre in Las Vegas.   “I am at a loss for words over this,” he said. “God bless America. God bless all my friends in Vegas. My prayers and thoughts and condolences to all of […]

High School Motivational Speaker inspires British Columbia High School

Leading Teen Motivational Speaker Inspires in Canada Jeff Yalden at Lakes District Secondary School By Roger Yale for Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker The second leg of teen motivational speaker Jeff Yalden’s trip to British Columbia found him in the Village of Burns Lake, which is touted as the gateway to Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, a […]

Top Teen Suicide Prevention Expert visits Vanderhoof, BC

Top Teen Suicide Prevention Speaker Visits Vanderhoof, British Columbia Jeff Yalden Galvanizes Nechako Valley Secondary School By Roger Yale for Jeff Yalden, Teen Motivational Speaker Vanderhoof, British Columbia, is a small Canadian municipality nearly a thousand miles north of Seattle. It was the first stop on a two-day speaking trip for North America’s top teen […]

High School Motivational Speaker Mesmerizes Lena Students

Best Youth Motivational Speaker Inspires in Lena, Wisconsin Jeff Yalden Delivers at Wisconsin Student Council Event in Lena, WI. By Roger Yale for Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker By all accounts, the school district in the Village of Lena, Wisconsin is a small one – consisting of an elementary school, a combined middle and high […]

Namaste – Living My Life!

Namaste!, my friends.  My name is Jeff Yalden.  I’m a suicide prevention expert, youth motivational speaker speaking at high schools around the country, and do a lot of work with teen mental health and teen suicide. It seems that every time a community is interested in bringing me in after they’ve experienced a teen suicide […]

Wanting for our Children – To Become The Best or To Want The Best

I HAD heard about all of the dying, about all of the grief, and still I didn’t immediately understand what I was seeing when, at a railroad crossing here, I spotted a man in a blaring orange vest, the kind that road crews and public-safety workers wear. He wasn’t carrying any equipment. He wasn’t engaged […]