Teen Suicide and Mental Health

Part one in a series from Teen Suicide: The “Why” Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic For more than two decades, I have worked in the trenches of teen life as a youth motivator and mental health advocate. I am also a suicide prevention and crisis intervention expert. I can’t count the number of teen suicides I […]

Jeff Yalden: Touching Hearts, Changing Lives in Washington State

Cle Elum, Washington is a small community 90 minutes from Seattle, boasting only 1,872 residents as of the 2010 census. In April, the community lost a freshman from Cle Elum-Roslyn High School when he made the forever decision to take his own life. Youth motivational speaker and crisis intervention expert Jeff Yalden spent a full […]


Jeff Yalden’s heart sank when he heard the news of two completed suicides and one suicide attempt last month in Brookfield, Missouri. Two more young lives cut short by what he calls the “forever decision” in an area that has suffered too much loss already. Yalden is a teen mental health and youth motivational speaker. […]


EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeff will be on hand all day tomorrow, April 3, for students, parents, community members, and recent graduates. For details, contact Atchison High School at (913) 367-4162. Hey Atchison Community – A lot of people in the community and parents have reached out to me and shared with me the latest loss. First […]

7 Tips to Effectively Deal with an In-School Suicide

7 Tips To Effectively Deal with an In-School Suicide Imagine for a second you are dealt with an emergency situation in your building, where you have to react immediately to an in-school suicide. What do you do? Do you have measures in place for such an incident? With your emergency response plans, evacuation plans, and […]

My Death Needs To Mean Something

“My Death Needs to Mean Something!” – Leelah Alcorn Five Facts You Need to Know – Leelah Alcorn   Suicide is never the answer! Her message could have been heard louder and longer had she been supported by her family with unconditional love and support. We could have used her voice, not her death by […]

Has Teen Suicide Affected Your School and Community?

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It is a selfish act that leaves families, friends, communities, and classmates devastated wishing they could have helped. Today, Teen Suicide is an epidemic, and I am here to help!” – Jeff Yalden If you’ve come to this page, perhaps your school or community has experienced […]