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"Jeff's message, "Take Time To Think," is not a message on teen suicide. However, it is a message about life as a teenager and the struggles and choices our young people have each day." - Troy Akers, Principal, Warsaw High School, IN

School Assemblies that are Real. Fun. Engaging. A Talk that blends Truth with Humor.

"Jeff is the best I have ever seen. His style and his message transcend geographic or cultural boundaries and he has an innate ability to touch a young person's heart and mind like no one I have ever seen. - Karen Musante, President & CEO, PFEW

The AH-HA! School Motivational Speaker

"I have had you come to three school corporations and you made a very positive impact in all three communities."   - Don Harmon, Superintendent of Schools

He rides a Harley. He’s a single digit handicap golfer. He’s a yogi.

#1 High School Motivational Speaker, since 1992!  Jeff will make you a HERO, but most importantly, he will deliver a motivational speech that outshines normal high school assemblies. Honorably discharged in 1994 from the United States Marine Corps. Started teaching and coaching at Hollis – Brookline High School in New Hampshire. In 1997, Jeff went full-time speaking to students and delivering high school motivational school assemblies all over the country.

He Grows as a Youth Speaker Every Year and so does His Message!

His message has evolved over the years.  The more Jeff really got to know himself and why he reacted to situations in the past, the more mature a speaker he’s become. Jeff is not afraid to share his story because through his experiences he wants to teach his audience to TAKE TIME TO THINK and not to react on emotion.

"If the only thing I can take away from PFEW is Jeff Yalden’s speech, I’ll be okay with that. Such an inspirational speech.” – K. Serafin, PA

He’s safe, real, compassionate, empathetic, sincere, funny, and has a heart as big as his presence. Jeff rides a Harley, is a single digit handicap golfer, and is a yogi.
Jeff practices astanga yoga
Today, Jeff says he’s a better speaker than ever. He’s more calm, more present, knows who he is and he’s having more fun than he ever has. This is his calling, his purpose, and his love. Jeff delivers a high school assembly that tailors to your needs. Whether it is motivational, mental health, about compassion and empathy, drugs and alcohol, bullying, social media, etc., know that you are bringing in the Godfather of all Youth Motivational Speakers, Jeff Yalden.

"Our students were totally immersed in his presentation. His unique style allowed him to be immediately accepted . . . Everyone has told me that he is the best youth speaker we have ever had." - Doug Dodge, Principal, North Harrison Central High School, IN

Jeff’s Passion for Teens

While speaking, his passion and concern for teens comes through giving him the ability to combine truth and humor while captivating his audience for 60-120 minute high school assemblies. Throughout the assembly, Jeff takes his audiences on an emotional roller coaster of tears and laughter, ultimately leaving them standing on their feet applauding, as they self-reflect on their own lives while he gets personal about his own life: his challenges with his sense of self-worth, failing at relationships, becoming a teen father, and more.  All the stories ultimately end with how he has gotten to know himself and what he’s come to realize most about who he is . . . He’s a man that lives proudly with mental illness. But, it’s the acceptance and deep work he’s done over the past ten years that he’s able to say he’s overcome so much and is the man he aspires to be everyday. Dynamic and entertaining, Jeff is chosen as a youth motivational speaker by schools, communities, and organizations for his ability to entertain teens while educating them about the real life challenges they face. 

"After your speech I immediately called my mother and told her I loved her.  You truly made me feel like a real human being for the first time.” – C. K., PA

Jeff Yalden speaks to your students on their level and in their language in a style they can understand and relate to. Jeff talks with his audience, not at them, delivering a message they will call a highlight of their educational year.

Jeff is the high school motivational speaker that is real and gives his all in every presentation.  This is one of the reasons why Jeff is the best motivational speaker for high school students.

Jeff provides that ‘defining moment’ or that ‘Ah-Ha’ Moment! for every teen in the audience as he has mastered the art of speaking to teens in every setting, every venue, to every type of teenager or young adult.

Jeff promises your students and staff the best high school motivational assembly program your school has ever had and your kids will be begging to have Jeff back.


He pours his heart and soul into his audience leaving them with a message they will never forget. Jeff’s powerful message, “About Life” and taking time to think helps your students make decisions affecting the next steps in their lives.

His mantra, “Fill your Cup” is a message that is visual as much as it is heard through the powerful stories that resonate deep into their hearts. If you are looking for motivational assembly ideas, please consider bringing our message of hope to your students. 

Jeff Yalden changed my life in an hour more than the world did in 16 years.” – P. Blumenstein, PA

When you asked me if I thought I was beautiful on the inside as I was on the out, I didn’t know what to say.  You were right when you said I didn’t think I was.  One day, I hope I do think I’m beautiful on the inside as I am on the out.  Thank you for giving me your sweaty bracelet.  I’m going to wear it every day.” – T. H., Student

Jeff is a professional teen and parent communicator and understands teens and their behaviors.  Jeff’s popular message, ‘About Life’ is tailored to meet your school assembly programs needs, whether it be about testing, violence, bullying, mental health, suicide, suicide prevention programs/training, drugs and alcohol, respect, responsibilities, or attitude and choices.  Jeff will ask you to fill out a pre-program questionnaire to understand the objectives and theme of your event, so that he can tailor his message to meet your needs. He will deliver the message with the topics you are looking for.

High School Motivational Speaker Who Literally Changes Lives!

He Connects.  He Inspires. 

He is Interactive.  He Changes Lives!

Recently, Teen Motivational Speaker, Jeff Yalden visited Vietnam for the third time.[/caption] Not all school assembly programs are as inspiring or educational as ours. Jeff’s high school assemblies and parents presentations have been delivered in high schools and communities from Maine to Singapore, Central America to Vietnam, Munich to Japan, El Salvador to as far northern Canada and all places in between. Millions of high school students and educators from all walks of life have absorbed Jeff’s elevating message “About Life.”

Defining Moments Made When Jeff is your School Assembly Speaker

“Still remember when Jeff Yalden punched me in the chest in our assembly. Probably greatest moment ever!” – C. Powell, PA
Jeff Yalden, Youth Speaker at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School - Motivational High School Assembly Students feel as if Jeff is talking directly to them when he speaks. He doesn’t lecture or speak at his audience. He speaks with them. It could be 2,000 students in the high school assembly, but Jeff makes each student feel as if he cares and they matter. He has that ability to reach into the heart of people. Jeff’s gift is truly understanding how to relate to students on their level, regardless of age or social status. He will work with your high school students to get them to think, reason, and act. His assemblies are an EXPERIENCE, full of energy, humor, and defining moments. 

I can’t even describe to you how completely AMAZING the entire day was.  The kids absolutely LOVED him.  Even the ones that were complaining about having to go listen to someone loved it.  He was fabulous with the student assemblies and had kids lined up to get photos with him and speak with him at the end, and I was completely SHOCKED at how many of them bought his book . . . intact he sold out of books!!!!  There were so many kids especially the ones that I worry about daily that were COMPLETELY engaged.  There were kids that came up to me afterwords with praise for how much they enjoyed it.  I would recommend him a million times!!!” – T. Andersen, Nurse, GMG High School, Garwin, IA

"The fall of 2013 we’ve already had two suicides. This follows a student suicide in 2012, a staff suicide in 2013, two accidental student deaths, and the death of another staff member. All this in two years. Following the suicide in 2012 (the boy’s father also took his life later that day), we gathered a group of individuals representative of the school and the community (law enforcement, mental health providers, local ministers, etc.) to determine what we could do as a school community to deal with our loss and prevent additional lives lost to suicide. During a recent meeting it was decided that I should contact you about coming to our community to meet with our students, staff, and the community.” - Superintendent, Indiana

"Jeff is the best I have ever seen, and I've seen hundreds. His style and his message transcend geographic or cultural boundaries and he has an innate ability to touch a young person's heart and mind like no one I have ever seen. His message is one of celebrating what is truly important in life - family, personal integrity and making right choices. Why he is so different from others speakers was best captured by one lady who told me, "Jeff talked to us, not at us." - Karen Musante, President & CEO, PFEW