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On the air in Boston MA
On the air in Boston, MA

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January 30, 2015:  Perspective on Life Sometimes we get too caught up thinking about our problems.  Great show where Jeff puts our problems in perspective with real life circumstances and issues. March 20, 2013: 7 Tips for Parents of Teens Sharing tips for parents to create a relationship of trust and respect with their teens.  7 Tips to help you raise teens in today’s world. February 6, 2015:  Developing Good Character in our Kids The Seattle Seahawks displayed poor character and sportsmanship in the final seconds of the Superbowl against the New England Patriots.  Jeff talks about how families are the standard for morals and values and character starts in the raising of our children from our parents. March 6, 2015: Conversation with Los Angeles Screenwriter and Author Ms. Laurice Molinari. Jeff Yalden spends time talking to Screenwriter and Author Laurice Molinari.  Laurice has written over thirty scripts for TV and film, including the critically acclaimed family classic “My Girl.”  Her debut novel, The Ether: Vero Rising was relased in 2014.  Jeff had an amazing conversation about teens, self-esteem, social media, and parenting.  Laurice lives with in Los Angeles, CA.  Check her out at www.LauriceMolinari.com Show 1: Show 2: February 27, 2015: My visit to Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation – A Community Left Hurting From 9 Losses to Suicide and Death September 13, 2013: Popular Teen Drug “Molly”   September 6, 2013: Your Kids and CyberBullying  Deadly new teen drug “Molly” is gaining popularity and has already taken multiple lives. Detective Jay Ball of the Milford PD talks with Jeff Yalden about the dangers of the drug, and how parents can educate their kids. Digital Media expert and author Wayne Denner calling in all the way from Ireland as a guest speaker on the Jeff Yalden show to talk about the growing issue of Cyberbullying, teen suicide, and safety on social media. August 23, 2013, click to download and play the audio show (MP3 format) August 16, 2013, click to download and play the audio show (MP3 format) August 9, 2013, click to download and play the audio show (MP3 format) August 2, 2013, click to download and play the audio show (MP3 format) July 26, 2013, click to download and play the audio show (MP3 format) July 19, 2013, click to download and play the audio show (MP3 format)

A Testimonial from a teacher and a coach from Shepherd High School . . .

Carrie Winn Gauthier, SHS’s vice principal, is a stubborn woman… And I am glad she is… Last Friday our school was lucky enough to experience the life of Jeff Yalden… a motivational speaker… Carrie had tried to get him to Shepherd the last two years… This year she was allowed to bring him in… Our students and staff saw that it is okay to make mistakes… to have imperfections… to not succeed at everything… to have problems… They then learned the key is, “What are you going to do about it? Sit there and take it? Or get up and start fighting back?” Life is tough. It is going to knock us all over the place. Jeff made that clear with stories from his life, straightforward honesty, and a few, harmless, bits of profanity… Talking with my students after the assembly I learned he had connected… They told me things like: “He was so honest.” “He was so real.” “He was guy who had over come so much.” “He was just like one of us.” “It’s about time we got a real person in here to talk to us!” I have learned in 24 years of teaching that it is impossible to fool kids. They see right through fakes and dishonest people. I hope they also see how lucky they were Carrie is stubborn and fighting for what she believes is best for Shepherd students. Hopefully, it rubs off on our students and they will apply the messages learned to their own lives… Look out world if they do… Prouder than ever to be a Blue Jay…
– Jay B. Gross, Teacher/Coach, Shepherd HS, MI

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