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Motivated to teach and inspire teens across the globe, Jeff  Yalden is a high energy, “tell it like it is” youth motivational speaker, mental health professional, and parent communicator.  A dynamic and entertaining youth speaker for high school and middle school assemblies. He always tailors his message to the theme of your event. Whether that is teen motivation, bullying social media, mental health, or school morale and spirit, Jeff Yalden is the perfect speaker for today’s youth. He is the man that schools call when they’ve experienced a suicide.  He brings students forward through a grieving process and answers questions about Teen Depression & Suicide that parents and communities need to hear.  Jeff has a gift for connecting with teens and educating parents.

You poured your heart into every assembly and leadership workshop. You live by strong moral principles and the integrity of your life gives validation to the message of your presentation.” – Jason Nail, Coordinator CCESC, Springfield, OH

Over 26 Years, 4000 live events & reaching millions all over the world, Jeff Yalden is the #1 Youth Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Speaker in North America and beyond.  Contact Jeff today and discuss which program is best suited to your audience.

Jeff’s Story

Jeff Yalden overcame incredible odds to become the man he is today. As a teenager, he lost interest in life, in school, in himself. He took the SATs twice and received very low scores. Worse, Jeff suffered from a stutter, a facial tic, bad acne, and a learning disability. His self-esteem in the gutter, Jeff graduated high school 128th in a class of 133.

Although he was accepted by 3 of the 19 (rejected by 16 of the 19) colleges to which he applied, Jeff’s sense of inadequacy was so overpowering, he was afraid to attend. A turning point came one month after high school, when Jeff won the title of “Mr. New Hampshire Male America” and later Male America’s “Mr. Personality.” Further progress came when Jeff, answering the call of his country, enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Learning the virtues of self-reliance and teamwork, Jeff became a two-time “Marine of the Year” and played for the All-Marine-Corps basketball team.

Thank You for making me feel as if it was just me and you in a room together.” – Student Leader, PFEW
Unfortunately, a failed relationship sent Jeff spiraling back to his old ways, and soon he found himself hospitalized with depression and suicidal tendencies. Upon being honorably discharged from the Marines, Jeff was left to face the $64,000 question: “Who am I, and what do I want out of life?” Jeff realized that his destiny was in his own hands. He could either sulk and feel sorry himself as he had done in the past, or he could make a new decision. He could reach within and make powerful, life-transforming choices. Something clicked. And the healing began. Jeff started his speaking career while in the Marine Corps in Jacksonville, FL. After his honorable discharge, Jeff started teaching at Hollis Brookline High School and coached soccer and basketball. There, he really pursued his desire to work with teens as a youth motivational speaker. Today (2017), at 46 years old you might think, “Why does Jeff still speak to teen audiences?” Jeff will be the first to tell you that he’s the best at speaking today more than ever before. First, he’s always wanted to reach the audience where he knew he failed himself. At 16 years old Jeff lost his self-worth leading to a poor attitude and bad choices. This is truly what drives Jeff in his work with today’s youth. Also, Jeff is having more fun today as a speaker because of who he is and what he’s been through. A divorce at 42 years old sent Jeff looking in the mirror asking in Jeff’s words, “What did I have to do with this?” which brought out his mental health and Jeff realized his issues were greater than he thought. Jeff is diagnosed with major depression, bi-polar type 2, and PTSD. Counseling and a lot of therapy, Jeff realized he needed to make some major changes and there life significantly changed and Jeff continues to grow as a mental health advocate professionally and personally. Shortly thereafter Jeff suffered a sports injury in CrossFit where he needed emergency spinal cord fusion.  Spiraling backwards into major depression, Jeff’s diabetes created more and more issues. Hospitalized, Jeff was given less than one year to live as the doctor told him he was a ticking time bomb, Jeff opted for weight loss surgery.  Wasting no-time, Jeff went to Tijuana, Mexico to renowned Dr. Ortiz, and had weight loss surgery. Today, Jeff lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is 100% FREE of diabetes, is off all medications related to diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  He is down 85 lbs., works out every day (yoga and boot camp), and lives a more simple life taking care of his health – mentally and physically as his #1 priorities. Jeff’s personal mental health has never effected any program, but Jeff is open about who he is and what he deals with.  He’s certified as a Suicide Prevention Trainer, an advocate for Mental Health, Teen Depression, Anxiety, Teen Suicide, and encourages his audience to not be afraid to ask for help and open your heart while losing your ego.  Jeff is real and never afraid to be transparent to his audiences and that is what his audiences love about him. Remember, for 25 years, Jeff has been one of the top youth motivational speakers in education around the world.

Jeff Yalden in Vietnam

From the United States to Singapore and everywhere in between, Jeff has been. Twenty-Five years every state in the US, every province in Canada, and 48 different countries . . . Yes, that is a well traveled individual. You’ll be proud to host Jeff in your school and/or community. More importantly, Jeff will make a difference in the lives of your audiences.
His message is clear and the students get it.” – J. Simpson, STUCO Advisor

Touching Hearts & (Literally) Saving Lives

Today, Jeff draws on the grace of that darkest hour to help today’s youth transform their own lives. Jeff believes that success comes down to our worldview, and our relationships with others. He believes that success in life – fulfillment and service – depends on the attitude we take from the moment we step out of bed. “People treat us how we train them to treat us,” says Jeff. “When we unleash the best that is inside us, the world always mirrors it back. The goal is to radiate love and kindness at the same time we radiate our own self-respect.” Jeff is living proof of these miracles in transformation. He has become the most in-demand youth motivational speaker in North America, having captured the imagination of nearly 4,000 teen audiences around the world. Jeff earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation in 2002.  The highest designation by the National Speakers Association and a distinction earned by fewer than 10% of all speakers. Jeff routinely presents for family and social service organizations, high school and middle school assemblies and often is a keynote speaker for many state and national leadership organizations such as SADD, FBLA, FFA, STUCO, FCCLA, BPA, FHA, WE DAY, The National PRIDE World Drug-Free Conference, National Speakers Association, National Student Council, and many more.  Along with his youth programs for high school and middle school assemblies, youth leadership conferences, and many different teen events, Jeff also speaks to teachers, parents, and adult corporate audiences.
“I speak to my audience how I wished someone had spoken to me when I was their age.” – Jeff Yalden
Jeff appears routinely in print, a subject for newspapers and magazines across the country. He’s also a #1 best selling author on Amazon with his latest book, , BOOM – One Word to Instantly Inspire Action, Deliver Rewards and Positively AffectYour Life Every Day!, Your Life Matters, They Call Me Coach, Keep It Simple, 20 Ways To Keep It Simple, and Traits of a Leader. Jeff coauthored Lead Now or Step Aside and contributed to The New York Times bestseller, A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Jeff has addressed audiences in all 50 states, 48 countries, and every Province in Canada. He’s addressed thousands of assemblies in middle schools, high schools, and usually keynotes major teen leadership/youth conferences, colleges and universities. Seventy million viewers know him as “Life Coach” on MTV’s longest-running reality show, MADE.

Jeff’s Favorite Quotes

  • “We never have time to do things right, but we always have time to do things over. Why don’t we just do it right the first time?” – Jeff’s Grandfather, K. Henrich
  • “The 3 most powerful words – ‘I love you!'” – Jeff’s Grandfather, K. Henrich
  • “The 3 most courageous words – ‘I am sorry!'” – Jeff’s Grandfather, K. Henrich

Jeff’s Favorite Words

  • Attitude
  • Gratitude
  • Choices
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Humble
  • Heart
  • Acceptance
  • Objective
  • Respect
  • Manners
  • Humanity
  • Honor

Jeff’s Favorite Activities

Spending time with family & friends
  • Golfing – 10 handicap
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Hanging by the pool
  • ISI Elite Training Center staying healthy – Mentally and Physically
  • Being with Sugar – English Bulldog
  • Boating – Living in Myrtle Beach
  • Visiting schools & talking with teens
I have never seen students brought to tears and then leave the assembly cheering. They were cheering their own lives.” – K. Burger, Dir. of Student & Administrative Services, Manchester Township Schools, NJ
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