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Renowned Teen Mental Health Speaker and Teen Suicide Prevention Expert gives you a FREE Suicide Prevention and Inspirational Talk for your School.

During this 50 minute talk Jeff engages in the conversation of mental health and suicide prevention talking about signs to be aware of and how you can intervene and how you can best intervene.

Jeff talks about the importance of relationships and what to do between someone in crisis having a thought and the person making a decision. The key in this moment is to deescalate the situation by bringing down the anxiety and heightened emotions in the moment. The worst thing to do is trigger further anxiety to the person in crisis which can produce an emotional reaction. Jeff talks about this moment and how best you can be that person that saves a life and gets the individual the critical help they need in these very important moments.

Youth Mental Health Motivational Speaker

Virtual School Presentations
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For nearly three decades, Jeff Yalden has inspired school communities with his mental hydration, mental health awareness, and teen suicide prevention talks.

Here is a FREE 50 minute Teen Suicide Prevention Course for Schools. This is an inspirational talk from Jeff talking about how one person can save a person’s life by giving them hope and listening.

Learn how to ask and spot the signs of someone in crisis. This video is not intended to trigger thoughts or feelings, but to inspire the conversation, and to intervene when you notice red flags or suspect something isn’t right.

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High School Motivational Speaker for Virtual Presentations

“Last night I prayed, “God, help me,” before getting into bed. My plan was to leave the dorm after my roommate was asleep. I fell asleep. When I woke up this morning, I went to class figuring I could try again tonight, but instead I came to your talk and I met you. Your story gave me hope, encouragement. I’m going to reach out to counseling office tonight. I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I think you were there for a reason and I’m glad you were.”

– Friends for Life, Mike
Teen Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Expert, Jeff Yalden speaks to school communities.

Interested in Jeff speaking to your school community but concerned about the pandemic? No worries, Jeff does a lot of virtual presentations connecting right into your classrooms. Bring Jeff live for a conversation with your students and staff through zoom. Email Jeff today (Email).

Teen Suicide Book for Schools and Instruction

Jeff Yalden is the author of Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic (Click Here)

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